Ok so new to cricketusers, i have been with t-mobile for along time. but recently got a htc evo 4g on trade for a phone i fixed. well after some searching i discovered that i could get a way better deal on my phone service by flashing this evo to cricket. well on a hunt i went for more info. cdma workshop and some other programs are needed and it didnt seem to hard... well i cant find a working copy of cdma workshop, i have downloaded and unzipped about 6 files now and none have the frickin program. well so i said screw it, there was a guy 2 hours away (found on craigslist) that said he would flash root and overclock my phone 25 for the flash and 25 for root and overclock... well after driving 2 hours he wasnt at his store, and wouldnt pick up or return txt messages... so 4 hours and a bunch of gas down the drain... and still no working phone... can someone flash this thing remotely? i have a paypal. do i just need to buy a cricket phone and service and buy the service offered on the home page? will that flash my phone after i have an account? i really wanted to keep my t-mobile number. and im fed up with trying to do it myself. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO!!! im about to rip my dread locks out of my head!