Hi guys,

I have a question if anyone can answer..I have a Sprint HTC Evo 4g fully flashed to Cricket (SMS, MMS, Internet, Market) ect..but I have actually 2 questions..

1) At first had a Huawei Ascend and I bought it in Charlotte, NC and had my 336-xxx-xxxx phone number on it and I moved from Charlotte to Northern VA. It works up here even with my 336 number though that is a N.C. Area code phone number..I was wondering if I traveled back to Charlotte, NC would I have to get it re programmed to work there?? Before I had a Blackberry Curve and it only worked in North Carolina but like I said will it work in NC even though I have an NC number but live in VA?

2) Is anyone else having problems getting the Soundcloud App to work???

Thanks in Advance guys =)