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    HTC Evo 4g stuck on verizon towers and roaming PRL flashing NOT working

    So a while back I flashed a evo 4g, (this means I am familiar with the process of flashing the phone and do not need to be directed to a tutorial) it got destroyed, i bought a new one, I flashed the SAME configuration file and SAME PRL to the new phone using QPST. For some reason though if the phones roaming settings are set to sprint only, there is no signal at all to the phone. When I set the roaming settings to automatic I am getting messages from verizon. I have tried out 10 plus PRL files to no avail. Always messages from verizon upon dialing anything. I am guessing theres got to be some setting in QPST that is not taking that the tutorials did not cover. Maybe a setting in CDMA 2? This is getting ridiculous as I've been working on this phone for nearly 2 weeks. Maybe someone would be so kind as to let me email them my config file for QPST and they could look over it and see if I blindly missed something?

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    I have done few evo and I had some problem with one or two of them. It can be something to do with the way flash or programmed. They only specific prl but that was a while back ago. The way fix them was to dial *22806 and let cricket a correct prl for the phone. This won't help because u cant get the phone towards cricket. Which build do have on evo? How is ur 3g signal strength? Location will be about phone under status or for example -86 dbm 16 au. How many bars to u have?

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    If you think something in qpst is messed up, here is the file you can download and load to it. These are pulled from a clean evo that has never been flashed. Load, write, then reflash.Evo put back on sprint.qcn
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