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    Quote Originally Posted by zoofer View Post
    Out of curiosity, did you already have a PayGo account established with a different phone, then do an ESN swap to your Evo, or did you set up a new PayGo account with the Evo itself?

    I'm trying to do the same thing as you did, so any helpful info appreciated. Thanks!
    New account. Just called and gave them my web number they gave me a phone number and MIN number. Then I did the esn.

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    HTC Evo 4G

    For internet , make sure ur settings in the M.IP / PPP config tab are correct . you WILL need either the u2nl/autostart or GreenK45 (I like GreenK better for some reason , but it does get anoying to have to manually enable it, if ur on the free version) .

    Ive tried several different MMS.apk files, and the only thing it did was downgrade the appearance of the messaging app.

    I am still stuck on MMS still receiving , not sending..

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    Its a custom mms

    Its in the flashing setcion on here it works great no issues! I also just compiled it into the 2.3.3 zip floating around and tried it as a new rom it works great!

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    Did you get MMS to work on your paygo plan? I have flashed my Evo to paygo and everything works except MMS and the android market..
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