I think I spoke to soon in another thread about MikG 2.6.1. I did a full wipe then flash of this rom a couple days ago and recently when I try to install any app I get the "Insufficient Storage" error and the app can't install.. I have app2sd and moved a couple apps to the SD card and I removed a couple of other apps and my phone says I have 359mb left of internal storage and 13gb left on the SD card but I still get the error. I tried pulling the battery and restarting my phone. I cleared both cache and dalvik cache and even all the app cache.. I force stopped the market app and the google services process and restarted my phone and still the problem persists.. I read somewhere it might be the new Android Market app causing this problem but I am not sure how to downgrade..I mean I know how to uninstall but can't find and older market apk anywhere... ANYWAY did or does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know what could be the problem and help me figure out how to fix it?