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    Tried to connect to WiMAX on my EVO, now internet not working mobile or wifi

    So my EVO is on 2.3.3 with Cricket, and everything was working when I flashed it. I made some personalizations CyanogenMod Settings and some other basic stuff.
    I saw WiMAX on the wireless setting, and without knowing what it was, I turned it on.
    Well now my internet is not working at all. Mobile or Wi-Fi. When I go into the browser, it says "Web page not available".
    "The Web page at
    Google News

    hl=en&source=mog&gl=us&client=ms-android-sprint-us" might be temporarily down or may have moved permanently to a new web address"
    I tried checking my settings with ##3282#, but that doesn't seem to work with Android 2.3? I'm really afraid to do anything else without guidance, cause I'm afraid I'm gonna screw something up.
    Does anybody have any suggestions? Or know why I would lose my internet access all of a sudden? Mobile I can probably understand, but losing the Wi-Fi stumps me.. I still have an excellent signal and show I'm connected to my home network.
    Please Help!!

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    go under setting then wireless and networks uncheck 4g check mobile network reply if works or not

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    May 2011

    4G isn't an option. I think it was when the phone had 2.2, but under 2.3 it says:
    Airplane mode
    Wi-Fi settings
    WiMAX settings
    Bluetooth settings
    Tethering & portable hotspot
    VPN settings
    Mobile networks
    I even went into all the submenus, but nothing says 4g
    Would turning WiMAX settings on and off mess something up inside? When I turn it on, it says "Connecting....."; then after a few seconds goes to "Disconnected" status



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