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    Trying to flash to cricket...

    I am trying to get a Sense 3.5 ROM on my phone and fullly flashed on cricket. Sense 3.5 can't seem to access Diag or EPST, so I flashed a random sense 1.0 ROM that can access both. Here's what I'm dealing with:

    I am flashing the phone for a friend, and I will be sending them the phone, so I can't really fully test if this stuff is fully working as I'm doing it.

    I have followed the guides on using QPST and even put in the EPST settings as best as I can follow, and I think I've got it right, but can I access *228 and 611 without actually having active service on the phone yet? It seems like I should be able to.

    I also plan to flash a sense 3.5 ROM after I get everything working, anyone been able to do this yet?

    SShould "3G" be showing even though I don't have service if I entered everything in correctly?

    right now 611 is busy and *228 tells me something about making collect calls...

    The write-ups are a bit confusing, if anyone can spot an immediate issue I'm having please let me know. I can't afford to drop $35 to have someone else do this and I don't mind roughing it but I'm obviously a little lost here

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    The only way to use or test if the phone flashing works is to have the esn activated on a cricket account.

    I did all the flashing on my evo before i activated my esn because i couldnt be without a phone for very long but i read and triple checked all the settings to be safe then i activated the phone's esn thru this forum and everything worked for me so i didnt have to redo anything..but without the esn being active you cant call 611 or *228

    Also for me 3g worked before i activated my phones esn and that was for me confirmation that my flashibg worked.

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    What makes people think that a phone will work without it having service? I'm tired of seeing all these people and the same stupid ass question. Can I flash my phone without having a account or even a number? WTF make you think you can do that? Every damn tutorial specifically says that you need an active account and phone number to put into the phone. All those stupid questions regarding 611 and 228, example Your account cant be validated or To make a collect call, that is because you need an account. ****ing read the whole tutorial once then read it again. ****

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    611 & *228

    I don't know what you all have been reading or maybe I'm missing something or just special but as soon as you flash a cricket prl to the phone *228 & 611 should call cricket ota or customer service respectfully. Of course those & 911 are the only calls u can make. The *228 won't program the phone until the esn is activated to cricket but both will give you " Thank you for calling cricket". If not u flashed wrong prl or just flashed the phone wrong.
    Maybe I'm just special but your friend's EVO can actually be online over 3g before activating esn along as you put all there info in it.



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