i recently buy an evo on internet to try to fix it and start learning and not only be an spectador.

1st issue
the evo turns on and restart around 3 minutes later fix it with a ruu flashing to reinstall the hole system.
2nd issue
The phone didnt detect the sd once turned on, only detected on hboot. fixit with this comands trought adb

fastboot oem enableqxdm 0
fastboot reboot
The phone now turns on and works fine. also i got root acces. the sd is been detected but when i plug the phone to my lap it only says that i need an qualcomm driver i read this tutorial to fix that over xda
[ How-To ] Fix SD card not being detected & USB port not working - xda-developers

but when i try on terminal emulator after this line /data/flash_image misc /data/mtd-eng.img says that its an illegal command i maked sure to write su and also when i type reboot says not permited. i quit and try trought adb on fastboot mode but i just think i dont know the lines that i should write. i putted both files the file_image and the mtd-eng on the same folder that adb platform tools and on the root of the sd but no luck .

so my question now its

does somebody know the lines on adb or another way to fix this cause also the phone only charges turned off. thanks.