I'm working on a few things and one of them is a fix for APNs and MMS issues some people are having. To do this, I need someone to pull the apns-conf.xml file for me from a NATIVE Cricket GSM device. To be 100% sure, I want a Cricket GSM device, not a BYOD unlocked device.

To pull this, you will eed a working ADB setup and afaik root is NOT required to pull it, only to push back to the phone.

Procedure to pull the file:

1. Enable ADB on the phone. Each phone's UI will be different, but the basic procedure is the same to enable ADB. You will need to find the device's about phone area. IE on Samsung Devices it's the last tab and bottom option. You need to enable developer options by going here and finding build number and tapping it 7 times. This is any device running android 4.2.2+. Once developer options are enabled, go back to the settings and go into developer options and check Enable USB Debugging. MOST phones require that the phone is NOT plugged into the PC to enable this.
2. Plug the phone in. Depending on your OS you will have to open the proper CLI to do the pull. In Windows this is done by clicking start and typing "cmd" without quotes. In Linux just open a terminal. The command is same across OSes and that would be "adb pull /system/etc/apns-conf.xml" without quotes.

The file contains no personal information. It only has the APN info that I need to work on the fix. Feel free to look it over and see what's going on there.

You can email it to me or toss it up on cloud storage and link it for me. Once I get the fix working and 100%, I will credit the person whose file I use.

Thanks in advance!