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    Long story

    CDMA workshop over bluetooth

    This may be old news to some or maybe even most, but I thought I'd share anyway. While beating my head against the wall trying to get a flash to work right I decided to try to pull info off of my old phone to see if maybe I'd entered something wrong on the new one.

    Long story short I don't have a cable for the old phone and I couldn't find the right spc to be able to unlock it. Just goofing around I noticed that the bluetooth was on (for me) COM port 3, so I started up CDMA workshop and tried to connect. The strangest things happen when you're not even trying. It connected and I was even able to read some info. I pulled the full NAM, spc, and the prl. I tried to get the NV items just to see what the difference would be between the one on a year and a half old phone they don't even offer anymore, and the one from white rabbit. For some reason it said it could only get something like 100 items and then it failed. The status bar showed it was at 4 percent. I thought that was kind of interesting because the one I wrote to the new phone is only 12.

    I couldn't get a connection with qpst but that might have been the connection through bluetooth, or I didn't have it set right.

    Maybe this will help someone, maybe it won't, but I found it interesting.


    *quick edit*
    Thought I would throw out that I have been having issues getting HW to work after, but it might not be an issue with the bluetooth. I had my g/fs phone plugged in and was just starting HW up when she got a call she just had to take that second. So, I think that was why I'm having issues, but I thought I'd throw that out before someone bricks one thing or another. btw if you do screw something up, it ain't my fault.
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    This is actually pretty interesting... Thanks!



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