Cricket has identified markets where people are unexpectedly roaming. To combat this they have developed some generic preferred roaming lists (PRLs) to provide initial access to Cricket in most areas.

Once the generic PRLs are loaded into a handset, you must dial *228 <send> to access market specific Cricket PRLs that will provide the appropriate roaming partner access for your customersí market, ensuring optimum coverage.
Below are the two generic PRLs: ∑ CRK_PCS0R_10900_SPECIAL_07252011.prl (for PCS only handsets) ∑ GREY_MVNO_4637.prl (for tri-band handsets) The PRL number is embedded in the title of each file name (10900 and 4637). PRL 10900 is designed for PCS phones that do not have AWS capability. All Sprint handsets fall into this category. PRL 4637 is designed for tri-band phones that provide PCS and AWS capability. Please do not flash the 4637 PRL on PCS-only handsets. Please feel free to use the attached Cricket generic PRL for customers who want to switch to Cricket and retain their original handset.

Access to the latest Cricket generic PRLs, and over-the-air loading of market specific PRLs via *228 makes PRL management simple. Customers receive the appropriate roaming partner access for their market, ensuring optimum coverage.

In order to start utilizing Cricketís generic PRLs follow these steps below:
1. Save the attached Cricket generic PRLs to local hard drive.
2. Load appropriate PRL onto to customerís handset
a. 10900 is for PCS only handsets that do not have AWS capability
b. 4637 is for tri-band handsets capable of PCS and AWS access
3. Dial *228 to access market specific Cricket PRLs. You must be in a Cricket network coverage area for *228 to work