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    Dec 2011
    Lago Vista Texas

    Question Flashed-then Factory-reset -- Which Network is this phone on??

    Recently did a massive learning curve flashing over a relative's used Droid X2 from Verizon to existing Cricket $55 account. Late yesterday finally succeeded using combo of tuts by techdigital/chrisngrod/scur & others. Tools used included VSP3/QPST/cdma-ws etc. --- Put in a request for ESN change and did a *228 to program. After all was said & done.. appeared successful with activation /3G/text/voice/wifi and everything else (or so it seemed). I'm an very-old techie of sorts but a pure greenhorn about smartphones ~ so it's been one heck of a trek.. all in all.

    OK! Fine & Dandy! -- But then perhaps I made a big boo-boo! I did a 'factory-data-reset'. This was indicated as necessary to get rid of old accnt data and such from prev owner... (I was just trying to clean out photos, settings, voice-mail accnt etc.)

    Downloaded some apps, set up some prefs, & did some re-arranging etc. -- seemed like i'm kinda' beginning to get the hang of things.

    BUT -- when just now making a couple test calls... I hear something strange! A second or two after I hit the call button, I hear what sounds like the *tail end* of a voice-greeting saying 'Welcome to Verizon Wireless'! [What I actually hear is: "...~rizon wireless." ] --- WTH?? --

    The calls get through.. but now I'm really confused about what's going on... & which carrier the phone is using or is/isn't linked to!!(??)

    Phone Status:

    ** GB-2.3.4 (still appears rooted!)
    My phone number: (shows correct cricket ph #)
    MIN: (shows proper MIN# as given during ESN change request)
    MEID: (shows correct hex meid)
    Network: Shows as "Unknown" (??)
    Mobile network type: CDMA - EvDo rev. A
    Service state: (shows > In service)
    Mobile Network state: Shows as "Disconnected" (??)
    ** Text-msgs to (skype-num accnt) show as sent-- but not received by skype accnt
    ** Text-msgs ARE received on phone From skype-num accnt
    ** 3G indicated.. but ONLY if wifi is disabled
    So... as you might guess, I now have (just a couple!) questions.

    * Shouldn't the Network show as 'Cricket'?
    * Shouldn't the Mobile Network state: show as 'Connected' (??)
    * Did the 'Factory-data-reset' undo or change the prev cricket-accnt/activation.. or screw-up flash-to-cricket work prev done?
    * What is the 'current state' operating mode of this phone in anyway? ((what is American Roaming Network?))
    * Do I maybe need to flash a different ROM (or something)??
    * Do I need to 're-flash' back to cricket (now after having done a factory-reset)?

    Like I said..I claim to be fairly tech-savvy... but I definitely confess to being smartphone/carrier ignorant. And I'm obviously still very fuzzy about device-to-carrier associations, orig-carrier device-prog/locks, and even simple carrier 'activations'. Is perhaps the Droid X2 something of a tough or tricky-cookie to start out on?

    So I'm obviously fishing for any hints/tips, explanations, clues.... (or even snickers or heckles as may be warranted).

    C'mon... throw this old dog a bone... Plz??


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    Kyocera Dorado

    Hey Djr,
    You just need to download the correct prl and program MDN/MIN again. Master reset on droid x does not revert internal settings. Mobile networks normally will say unavailable on Moto Droids.
    If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

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    djr~'s Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Lago Vista Texas

    OK.. I used the 45513 prl initially provided in techdigital's files-pak used to do the cricket flash. Should I use that again?
    ... the reason I ask is cuz the phone shows a 35513 prl now... (i assume from *228 prog)

    also: ... the current MDN/MIN are shown correctly in Settings/About phone/Status: My phone num & MIN fields.
    Q?: Does that mean they're ok? -- or [i suppose cuz you advise it] these must *actually* be re-written internally.(?)

    Thanks Dina! -- I appreciate it!




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