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    flashing noob here

    1). yes hello i bought cdma work shop 2.7 and im trying to flash my bb8530 i have installed blackbery desktop manager and i installed qpst i would like to flash my black berry to metro pcs. I have the the phone ported to 1 and 2 2 is recognized as the phone like it has the number n all. I can connect to com2 but when i click read i immediately get range check error i have tried to change the ports and i have the msl or spc code for my sprint black berry curve 8530 i would like to fully flash the phone new meid and all thank you and also i am using windows 7 ultimate edition and also i have qxdm. also if i could go with any company i would like to got with metro pcs or boost

    yes hello i am trying to use qpst i go to configuration and i can see my phone i already did the virtual port and cdma workshop i am trying to and also when i reset my my phone and i call 611 i get cricket error 32 saying call 611 and also could i also get the prl for evdo in houston texas for chricket thank you

    Section 4: QPST

    When using QPST, don't let your phone go into sleep mode or it will lose connection.

    1.) Open your Programs menu and go to QPST > QPST Configuration. If you do not see an active phone listed, select the "Ports" tab and click "Add New Port..." at the bottom right. Highlight the port you created for the DX, then click "OK." It should show the phone information. If it doesn't, check to make sure the DX is in PC mode.

    2.) Close the window, and go back to Programs > QPST > Service Programming. Select the phone info, and click "OK." On the new window that pops up, click the "Read from Phone" button on the bottom left. A box will pop up asking for the SPC, but it already has 000000 in it, so just click "OK" and a blue progress bar will start creeping across the top left part of the screen. It might take a few minutes to finish.and theirs another question down below thank you

    3.) Click the "M.IP" tab. Select the entry for your phone, then click the "Edit" button. Make sure the NAI and Tethered NAI both or Your phone number should take the place of the xxxxxxxxxx. Home address, Primary HA address, and Secondary HA address should all be If they aren't, change them. Click the "OK" button. While you're on the M.IP tab, make sure the Mobile IP behavior drop down is set to "Mob + Simp f/back" and Active User is set to 0.

    4.) Select the "PPP Config" tab and click the "Um" button. Tethered NAI and User ID should be the same as they were in the M.IP tab. The Req PW box should be checked. In the password field, type in either "cricket" or "metropcs" depending on your carrier. Click the "AN" button, and make sure the USR ID is the or The Req PW box should be checked, and the password is the same as it was for the Um tab. Tethered NAI should be blank and grayed out.*

    5.) Click the "Write to Phone" button on the bottom of the screen. It may take a few minutes, and the phone may reboot. When it comes back up, you should have web access.

    but when i click on service programming i get online conection failed:Phone model pt-surf6300-zrf6300-nand not supported. so what do i do next

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    1) Do not flood the forum with the same question posted in several threads.
    2) Before we can help you please refine your post to exact questions without extra QPST steps.

    The more exact you are when asking questions, the better answer you will get from us. Thank you.
    If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?



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