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    Full flash and rooting questions for htc merge

    I'm new to rooting and flashing phones. I dont want to brick my phone. I have found a few links on how to flash and root the phone. How ever when I attempted to root the phone via

    it will can not find and ABD files. Where can i find these files?

    Also I want to fully flash the phone to use on metro pcs/ cricket but i am unable to find the PRL files, DIAG drivers, and CDMA Workshop. When I have attempted to follow the directions via
    How to FULL flash to Cricket using Jiminy rom (Full Instructions) - xda-developers

    I can't download the files needed since the FBI has shut down mediafire and many other websites.

    If you have the files or know of a site where I can get the files and software needed, it would be much appreciated thanks. OH yeah its a US Cellular Merge on 2.2

    I was looking threw my status on my Samsung Vitality and the PRL Version is 45572 but i am unable to find that version anywhere on the web. Also would I just use the MIN code from the vitality when flashing the Merge via the CDMA Workshop.

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    Google is ur friend!!! I can just HAND u the files =/ if i could i would! But just google what ur looking for! ur going to need QPST also! and to answer ur MIN question, u can call cricket and request ur MIN for free. Or if u already have a cricket activated phone u can use its MIN. . . heres the order on ur today list in flashing..

    1. request ESN change! - u can do this first so it will be ready to use when flash is finished! if u dont feel safe that u can flash it, do it last to save some $$$

    2. cdma workshop unlock SPC - if its sprint u will need to unlock its spc , verizon is already 000000

    3. qpst phone configs- here is where u put in all ur cricket info under CDMA tab, number and ur MIN, this will give u text and talk at the least. PRL tab can be found like a few tabs over! Theres a topic somewhere with a BUNCH of prls! if u cant find urs, maybe find one that will work using trial and error. i never update my prl unless it needs it! i flashed my last know without updateing it just to see if it worked! and it did, without putting the PRL from my area, net was still fast! Most ppl say dont *228 a flashed phone, but i do my evo 3D and works and updates my prl to the best in my area without harming my flash

    4. work on the data/mms in QPST - there are forum post around the this site about each phone, if they dont have ur phone u can compromise and get it working plus or minus! put in ur m.i.p tab and pppconfig and u might have some settings on ur phone. I dont know ur device but its a HTC so u might can put in ##DATA# and get more configs... u can fill in ur MMSC settings here and ur proxy settings if u have any! i could be wrong on some of this, but just read different devices simular to urs if urs cant be found!

    5. APN - theres a nice app called apn shortcut by mrarabbhimslef that u can enter ur APN settings there! Search for the settings, there on this forum somewhere, i know cause i posted them!

    6. picky stuff, such as ur voicemail number, ur display screen from another carrier, bloatware and test all features!



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