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    Junior Member
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    Apr 2012

    Help! Had my phone flashed and need spc changed.

    I reaally need someone to help me out. I had my phone flashed and was told to enter *22804 to program my phone. Well it saya to please wait and then I get a message that says to many spc try's. After googling I found my spc code needs to be 000000 I know its not because I have accessed ##3282# and its not 000000. Is there anyone here who can change the spc or msl number remotely on my note 2? I cant get a hold of the person who flashed my phone at all. It would probably take someone just a couple minutes to do remotely. Thanks for reading this

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    RoadMaxx Wireless
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    Dec 2012

    was this phone flashed to Cricket?

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    Madera, Calif

    if your phone was flash there is no need to dial *22804,

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    AT&T Moto Atrix HD

    Do not *228/*22804


    97.93% of Flashed Phones, o well [ FULL FLASH ] Only.... 99.32% of the time, if you *228/*22804 the phone it will [ * BREAK * ] WEB & MMS.....!

    i have seen at most times on HTC EVO, most though and other phones that if you *228/*22804 it everything still a works..... most of the time....

    same thing for Factory reset 99.94% will kill Web & MMS, but if you still *228/*22804 you should get Talk/Text


    ~ If this Pony is wrong, please dont #BASH the Pony!.....
    If you call or visit a Cricket Store, most likely they will tell you to *228/*22804 the phone, DON'T!
    Last edited by Twilight_Sparkle; 09-12-2013 at 01:51 AM. Reason: #BASH The Pony



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