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    How to sign up for Cricket with your flashed phone

    How to set up a Cricket account if you are flashing a phone:

    People ask this question all the time, so here is how you sign up for Cricket service.

    1) First check if you are in an actual Cricket market. If you only have Cricket paygo phones sold at walmart, dollar general, and target, then DON'T flash your phone to Cricket. Go with Page plus or something else. You can also type your zip code in the coverage section of, and if you only have partner network available, then no flashing. Flashed phones will be accepted in Cricket markets only. If you are in a Cricket Market, then proceed to step 2.

    2) Put your phone in diag, reset spc to zeroes, and download your prl. Make sure you are able to do those things before you pay for your first month of service. I guess there is no need in saying that GSM phones are not flashable to Cricket.

    3) For the actual activation you can either go to the Cricket store, or Call customer service. You go to the store, and tell them you need an account. Make sure you dial *611, or *228 and show them that it goes to Cricket, otherwise, most of the stores will sell you their flash (and if you cannot flash, might as well just pay them to do it). Generally, you will pay your first month of service up front (plus sales tax), and an activation fee (ranges from $15-$30 depending who you go to). Make sure you get an Android plan if you want everything to work properly without jumping through tons of hoops. Dial *228 on your phone, let it program, or if it does work for over the air programming, then just get your MIN and MDN (phone number). Come home and finish your flashing properly.
    If you are calling CS at 1-800-Cricket, be ready to listen to the huge script they have for flashed phone. They will tell you it won't work and etc. Tell them you already have it flashed, and just need it to be activated. You need to insist that it is an Android CPE(customer provided equipment) and that you need an android plan. Be persistent. Cricket CS really knows how to play on your last nerve, so a good shot of espresso prior to that conversation would be recommended. Although CS option is the most frustrating, they don't charge the activation fee. Just the first month upfront. So if you want to save a few bucks and a trip to the store, call them!

    IF YOU LIVE IN IL, WI, MD, NV, NJ, IN and parts of PA (Philadelphia area), then you are in a TRIBAND market, and not every store knows how to activate flashed phones. It is preferable if you go to the store that does flashing, so they know what is going on. You also have an option to purchase one of their cheapest phones, then request an esn change after your account is set up. It is extra work, but hey, if you need your Razr HD on Cricket, it is worth it. Also keep in mind that *611 and *228 do not work on flashed phones in triband markets, so if you have a correct PRL and on your phone you get a message "Your account is not validated" do not panic. Do not call Customer service in a triband market for an account. Useless!

    The cheapest alternative is to add a line. You get free first month of service, and just pay the activation fee. Yes, you will need to share somebody's account, but if it is a family member, that should not be a problem. Be careful though- if they don't pay their bill, your service will be interrupted. One quick trick for your benefit is to add a line 3 days after their bill was due (and paid hopefully); that way you will score yourself 2 months of free service (I know, I know, you are happy to hear this).

    Hope this was enough. I know that it is just a general scenario and your individual case could have varied, but at least this can help some noobs.
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    Wow I really appreciate this guide thank you so much!

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    I just bought another evo to flash and put on my account for my wife to use so this information really helps out. I didnt know they would give me a free month. Thanks very much




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