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    Introduction to Flashing and FAQ

    We need your help to develop a beginner's guide along with an FAQ for flashing.

    Please feel free to post all your tips here. They will later be organized.

    Can I use a flashed phone in all Cricket markets?

    You can use a flashed phone anywhere that Cricket has their own towers running on 1900 Mhz.

    To find out, type in your zip code on Cricket's website.

    You can use a flashed phone if: Unlimited plans are available. If they ARE available, and you see a $35/month unlimited talk and text plan, and a $45, and $55, unlimited plan, then do the following: Click on "Coverage Maps" at the top of the screen. Type in your zip code. When you see your coverage area, see if there are diagonial lines going through it. If there are, you cannot use a flashed phone in that area. If there are NOT diagonal lines, and just green coverage, you CAN use a flashed phone in that area.

    You cannot use a flashed phone if: Unlimited plans are NOT available and the highest plan is with 1,000 minutes.

    Please note: You can technically use a flashed phone in these areas but it is done at your own risk with the chance of getting your account terminated. You may get switched to a different plan for excessive usage and you won't be able to change plans after that.
    Do I need a Cricket account before flashing and what if I buy a "flashed" phone?

    by chrisngrod

    Let's talk about what flashing a phone is not. It's not just unlocking the phone. It's not like Jailbreaking an Iphone. GSM phones have many great qualities about them and one is that when you unlock them, you can just put in a SIM card and presto change-o it works (if it is capable of the appropriate GSM bands).

    Flashing a phone to Cricket does not mean that you can just give it to your buddy, or sell it to someone on Craigslist/

    and they just activate it like a normal Cricket phone. *228 on these phones (if they have a non hybrid, plain Jane Cricket PRL) might program the newest PRL and talk / text.

    Please do not buy a phone that someone is selling as flashed and think you'll just activate it at a Cricket store or online in a few minutes. If a person is selling a "flashed phone" and knows how to program it to your number, then that's much better. Other than that you'll probably find yourself reading up on our forum about how to flash it yourself.

    You WILL need an active Cricket account in good standing to flash a phone over to your account. After you are done programming all of your account's info in the phone, you will need to change the ESN on your account (aka activate) the phone for talk and text to work. Data should already work at this point if you have a data capable phone/plan and have setup everything.
    I can't dial *228 or *611
    by chrisngrod

    I really don't care much for using this on flashed phones. If you are using a hybrid PRL you definitely won't be able to. No network codes will work when you have a hybrid PRL. There have only been a few occasions that I used *228 to try and get the latest PRL. Please don't depend on this code to get your phone setup.
    I can't setup call forwarding
    by chrisngrod

    This won't work if you are using a hybrid PRL. Use a normal Cricket PRL to use network codes.

    More Articles:

    Last edited by Chris Rodriguez; 12-21-2011 at 08:38 AM.

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    Can someone please tell me what are the MEID and ESN addresses for the HTC EVo 3d on QXDM? or at least how to get them ?

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    its at the back of phone. remove the battery and u ll see the MEID.



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