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Thread: Lame...

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    Okay, so I already have a flashed DROIDX on my $35/mo plan with a hybrid PRL. Works great, and no issues with services or activation. When I called to have the ESN put on my number, they asked for the ESN and 'bam', it was done.

    I now have another DROIDX that I want to flash for my wife. I called to activate a new line of service and put the new phone's ESN on that number. Now they want to know the ESN, model number, etc. And then they tell me that the phone is not a tri-band phone (which I know, hence the hybrid PRL), AND that they cannot activate that ESN.

    Why did it work with the first one, and now it won't work with the second? I found Knewsom32 online and had a check done on the account, and was told that it should work with no problem and that they CAN, in fact, perform the ESN change. Where am I going wrong here? I'd prefer not to have to take it to a store if possible because, frankly, the stores around here are quite lacking in friendly service.

    Thanks in advance for input.

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    Your not going wrong, CS has been instructed NOT to activate flashed phones in AWS markets. HYBIRD prl doesn't do anything but switch you to there roaming partner. It costs cricket money to have you use roaming partner's. They can not provide you service and end up having to pay to there roaming partner more then what you pay them.

    You must use a AWS phone in a AWS market.

    Also just because its pre-paid doesn't mean you dont have to abid by the terms and agreement's the terms specifically state you can not use more then XX% in roaming partners or cricket will deactivate your account. They might not have deactivated yet, but they will catch up to your account and disable it just to forwarn you.



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