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    PRL, MDN, MIN, MEID, SPC??? What does all this mean?

    When "flashing" a device, you are trying to achieve the same goal, no matter the device. There are a few things anyone trying to flash a phone should know...

    General Flashing Checklist
    Talk / Text

    • MEID associated with Cricket account
    • Cricket PRL written
    • MDN & MIN programmed
    What is the PRL?

    The PRL (Preferred Roaming List) is essentially a list of towers for the device to use to prioritize communication. A "Cricket" PRL is required for the device to use Cricket's towers to communicate. Find the newest Cricket PRL here.

    What is the MDN?

    The MDN (Mobile Directory Number) is the phone number with area code associated to your account. It is required to program your device. (Example 5558675309)

    What is the MIN aka MSID?

    The MIN (Mobile Identification Number) is a unique number associated to your account, using the same area code of your locale. It is required to program your device. (Example 5551234567)

    A mobile station ID (MSID) is a number that is associated with the home service provider and the wireless phone number. This is reprogrammed when the user changes home service providers. It can also be called the mobile identification number (MIN) and is not to be confused with the mobile device number (MDN) in the CDMA world, which is the device's telephone number.

    What is the MEID? What do I do with it?

    The MEID is what your carrier uses to identify your device. In Cricket's case, you need the MEID DEC to associate with your account. Some devices have it listed on the sticker under the battery, while others will have MEID HEX listed instead and will need to be converted to DEC. Use this
    MEID Converter

    if necessary. (DEC Example 268435456123456789) (HEX Example A000000A1B2C3D)

    What is the SPC? aka MSL?

    The SPC is a 6-digit code used to access the programming features of your device. All Verizon devices use 000000 as the SPC code, which makes flashing very easy usually. Sprint devices use a unique code for each device and they can be quite a task to obtain.

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    Nice. This is very useful info for beginner flashers.



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