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    Some insights about flashing and why flash won't break your phone.

    Common misconceptions about flash and some flashing insights.

    The purpose of this post is to inform users about possible issues, and misconceptions. Almost every flash tutorial gets a question "I flashed, but why I cannot make calls???" The reason why is below. So hope, this will help sort out some problems, or fears.

    1) Flashing DOES NOT break ports, screens, or make the digitizer go bad. It does not drain your battery, or make the phone hot (in a literal way).

    2) Flashing to a different carrier means that you are changing NAM settings on the device to start operating with a new carrier. Installing ROMs, rooting, and other customization of the device are not part of the "Flashing" term. Unless you are trying to get internet on a non android plan, altering system files, and etc, you DO NOT need root. Rooting is not for every person since gaining control over system files has its positives and big negatives.

    3) Cricket is banning flashed phones lie. Although, there is an issue with Apple requiring Cricket not to allow flashed iphones , Android devices have no bans. Dealers in the triband markets might not be able to activate your flashed phone because they are not familiar with flashing.

    4) Flashing is illegal. No, it is not. At least for the time being.

    Is the phone flashed correctly?
    1) Please make sure your phone is on the account first. If you are on one of the new Android plans, your 3g will not show up until you do an ESN change (ESN=MEID for the purposes of this post). You will not be able to call, or text either. Esn change, esn change, esn change. Say that 10 times before posting on the forum about not being able to call out on the phone. This is MANDATORY. ESN change can be done through customer service. Make sure your MEID is in a decimal format. HEX MEID: A10000054BBC78 is converted to 270113178104963448, IMEI: 99000564549648 will be 256691542805543496. Note, even if your IMEI is in all digits, it still needs to be converted to the 2566 format. Otherwise, Cricket's customer service will not let you do an esn change. They do have a converter, but as of now, not many agents like using it Speaking about the inherit laziness of human beings! So do the homework, and convert it prior to your esn change. If your IMEI is 1 digit too long for conversion, drop the last digit (use first 14 digits). This is the most crucial part! Without an esn change, nothing will work.

    2) If the phone is flashed properly, you will not get a roaming triangle on top by the signal bars. If there is a roaming signal change your prl.

    3) If the phone is flashed correctly, after the esn has been placed on the account, you will be able to use it normally.

    4) Do not panic if you hear "Your account could not be validated" message when you call *611 or *228. It means that you are in a triband market. If you hear that message when calling other numbers, check your MDN, MIN and again, make sure a correct MEID is on the account.

    5) No 3g? Flash is not correct (I will stop stressing the esn change because you already got the idea). Check PPP settings.

    6) Dropped calls? Change your prl.

    7) 3g is up, but internet won't work. Your plan is not correct. Go on and change it. Your phone has to be set as an Android Device for you to be able to sign up for an Android plan.

    8) Gibberish texts from a motorola device and people are wondering what language you are trying to speak? Just download Go sms pro from the market and split large messages.

    9) Texts come in a wrong order? Get sms time fix from the market. It is not a flash issue, but an HTC problem(and may be Bionic).

    10) Phone not turning on at all? Check your battery, flash won't cause that. Your phone might be fed up with you and wants to take a nap.
    Additions are welcome!
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    If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

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    flashing a phone will not give you free Internet. or free anything for that matter

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    People that dont understand that a phone has to be reflashed when the phone number is changed.

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    Some insights about flashing and why flash won't break your phone.

    This actually helped me out. I'm somewhat clueless when it comes to flashing and I think this post was necessary for noobs like me. lol

    thanks deen-uh (;

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