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    Talk Text Web settings

    After a few months of trial and error I have come up with these settings and have worked on each phone I did. (Keep in mind these are not my setting or files)

    Tested on Verizon HTC Eris, Sprint Intercept, Verizon Motorola Droid A855, Sprint HTC EVO 4G, Sprint Samsung Transform Ultra.

    ***** OK first off all these phones are rooted. And I used Root Explorer.

    I will included all the files I used EXCEPT ROOT EXPLORER

    These are the steps I did feel free to edit this:

    1. Do a factory reset (wipe Data and Dalvik-cache)

    2. Uploaded original Rom

    3. Follow these directions:

    4. Root Rom

    5. Need to install:


    ) and
    Root Explorer


    6. Copy and u2nl to SD

    7. Put the phone in AIR PLAIN MODE (Just to avoid interference)

    8. Using Root Explorer move:

    copy to /data/opt/ (You will need to create this folder so go to MENU, NEW FOLDER)

    And give it full permission

    copy u2nl to /system/bin/

    And give it full permission

    9. Using Root Explorer go to:


    we are going to edit the telephony.db

    Long press telephony.db and copy it to SDCARD

    Exit Root Explorer

    Mount SD using USB and copy telephony.db to desktop (It is also good to make a copy)

    10. Now we will Edit telephony.db:

    Using SQLite Database Browser go to FILE, OPEN DATABASE open telephony.db that you copied to desktop.
    Go to BROWSE DATA, and under TABLE: drop down the button to carriers.

    Edit record call PRODUCTION or add NEW RECORD named Production with the following information:

    ID = (Automatically given to you)
    NAME = Production
    NUMERIC = 310120
    MCC = 310
    MNC = 120

    APN = 1
    port = 8080
    mmsport = 8080
    * mmsprotocol = 2.0
    mmsc =

    authtype = -1
    type = mms

    Save it and close SQLite Database Browser

    11. Now copy modified telephony.db to SD

    12. Using Root Explorer:

    Delete original telephony.db located at:/data/data/

    Copy modified telephony.db from SD back to:/data/data/

    Give it full permission

    Exit Root Explorer

    13. Go to programs and open Anycut:


    Choose APNs and OK


    Choose PROXY SETTINGS and OK

    close Anycut

    14. Open PROXY SETTINGS shortcut on main screen and put in the following info:

    PORT: 8080


    15. Open APNs shortcut and go to MENU, NEW APN:

    Add only the following

    Name: Cricket
    Port: 8080
    Password: cricket
    MMSC: h t t p : / / m m s . m y c r i c k e t . c o m / s e r v l e t s / m m s ? x - c r i c k e t - m d n = 999_999_9999
    (there are no spaces i put them in so it does not link to a webpage and also 999_999_9999 is your phone number and keep the _)
    MMS Port: 8080
    Authentication Type: CHAP
    APN Type: *

    Go to MENU and SAVE

    16. Turn off AIR PLANE mode and Turn on DATA (To my surprise some phones start working now)

    Restart Phone.

    Everything should work!

    ***** If you still have problems try installing

    Autostart (

    Busybox (


    Only on Sprint Intercept (
    Autostart alternative for Sprint):



    Thanks to Crickusers.Com Community!

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    Last edited by ogad80; 02-09-2012 at 12:06 PM.

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