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    Yet another noobie flashing question...

    Not really about the actual flashing, but more about the Cricket account.

    I have a post over in the Flashed Android (Google) OS Devices section for my MetroPCS phone. Chrisngrod recommended I get the account ready and then flash my phone. That makes sense because I need the MDN/MIN to flash in QPST.

    Well, I went to my local Cricket store yesterday and they said I needed to flash the phone first, then get the account. That also makes sense from their perspective in that they want it flashed and ready to go before it goes on their network.

    The phone in question is a MetroPCS Huawei M835 that has not been activated through Metro.

    Right now, there is a place holder MDN/MIN on the phone, 0000001250 (or something very similar to that). Since it's not activated, is there a similar placeholder like that I can use for Cricket?

    Or, since I'm more inclined to trust chrisngrod that the folks at my local store, would there be a store in the Austin, TX, area that would get that account going before the flash?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hello! All you need to do is load PRL and reset spc to either 333333 or 000000 for them to be able to activate it. That's the basic flash and they will be able to activate it for you.
    If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?



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