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    Icarus 1.1 for Huawei Ascend For Cricket & Metro

    Isaacj87 and joenathane are the original creators, geniuses, who worked so hard to develop the ICARUS mods. I am simply copying over all of their instructions for those here who are already using ICARUS 1.0 so that they may upgrade to ICARUS 1.1 if they wish and also for those who are having probs with ICARUS 1.0 and can now start over and just go to ICARUS 1.1

    By Isaacj87

    based on stock ROM/Android 2.1

    So, what is IcarusMOD?

    It's a "cooked" ROM based on Huawei's stock 2.1 ROM.

    While sharing similarities with Huawei's stock build, I wanted to set IcarusMOD apart from the bloated Huawei build by removing all the crapware I could find and make it more feature full. I believe ShadowNavMOD was built the same way. That would explain the similarities.

    While we owe thanks to Huawei for making the Ascend so affordable, they did us wrong by providing a confusing, unoptimized and bloated version of Android. Think of Icarus in this way, it's the ROM that Huawei should of put by default on our little devices.

    So, let's get started, shall we?

    ***DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damages (bricking/phone ruining) occurred while flashing or using IcarusMOD. This may void your warranty and/or insurance policies you have with your service provider. By using IcarusMOD, you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using IcarusMOD. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk.***



    - An Ascend (M860)
    - MicroSD card (necessary for apps2sd)
    - Custom recovery (ClockworkMOD preferred)
    - A brain


    - Joenathane, for putting up with my nitpicking. He ported the wonderful theme over for Icarus.

    - Rhamej, for his wonderful Minimal_Green theme.

    - David, a.k.a. dEris, for the great logo and 2 wallpapers

    - DarkTremor, for his badass apps2sd script.

    - Dysgenic, for his awesome boot animations


    Current features (IcarusMOD-1.0 - 01/28/11): <---- Will be updated

    - All crapware removed. I did my best to get off as much Huawei stuff as I could. While I based this Metro's version, the core stuff for the both versions are the same. I even took off Huawei widgets.

    - Fully Deodexed. This makes for a faster ROM, faster boot-up, faster everything.

    - Apps2sd (DarkTremor apps2sd v2.7.5.3 b03)

    - Zipaligned *.apks. This helps in optimizing RAM usage. When first installed, Icarus is fully zipaligned. However, you must configure DarkTremor's apps2sd to do this automagically every boot. (Instructions will be provided)

    - Rooted by default.

    - Busybox and run-parts are installed by default.

    - Bash (awesome for ADB).

    - Memory tweaks for better task killing managment.

    - Awesome Minimal_Green theme (custom framework-apk.res and framework-hwext.apk, thanks Joe)

    Additional apps installed by default

    (IcarusMOD-1.0 - 01/28/11): <---- Will be updated
    - LauncherPro (v0.8.3) <--- choose during first boot
    - **If you want it, flash it yourself. Putting it in either (/system/app or /data/app doesn't work, must be installed)**
    - Black-tab Launcher from OpenEclair <--- this shit is back too lol
    - Stock Gingerbread Launcher <--- Only upon request
    Taken from Huawei ROM:
    - Swype
    - Most Huawei'd Google apps

    From stock Froyo:
    - Alarm Clock
    - Browser
    - Calendar
    - Car Home

    Before you begin....please read all the steps to be sure you understand what you are doing and feel confident that you are technologically savvy enough to follow these directions!


    Quick How-To/Changelog/FAQ's by Isaacj87

    NOTE: You will need ClockworkMOD recovery v2.5.1.8. Now, I realize that CWM has been pushed to and it IS a higher version, however it comes at a price. The current kernel we use (2.6.29-perf) has not be built to support the EXT4 filesystem. CWM, as far as I know, will partition SD cards to use EXT4. We need a recovery that is reliable, built properly and supports our phone and its current filesystems. Should newer kernels be released, this will be a non-issue

    On a side note, I have been looking through the kernel source. I think EXT3 fs support is definitely possible. Having a newer EXT filesystem will improve perfomance with apps2sd. So, there is a possibility of new features coming that were not originally available to us.

    How to install CWM Recovery:

    1) You will need a version of Clockwork Mod different from the one that comes with ROM Manager.If you have previously installed Clockwork Recovery using ROM Manager, go to ROM Manager, press Menu key, Clear Download Cache, then go to Settings(inside ROM Manager, not phone settings), and check the box that says Erase Recovery. Exit ROM Manager( REMINDER: This step is only if you have previously flashed Clockwork Recovery for the Ascend using ROM Manager. Disregard this step and go to the next step if you have not flashed Clockwork Recovery using ROM Manager

    To Be Safe, Format SD Card. You Can Copy Your SD Card Content To Your Computer If You Want Before The Format. Format will erase all SD Card data

    FORMAT THE SD CARD:- Press Menu key while in the phone's homescreen and go into SD card & Phone Storage. Unmount SD Card, then Format SD Card
    2)Using a computer, Download this file: CWM

    3) Connect the phone to the computer via USB and make sure the drivers are installed. Turn the phone off and wait until the battery screen comes out after the Huawei logo then press and hold Volume DOWN, End Key, and Power Button You should see the Huawei logo. Leave the phone like that and move on to the computer.

    4) Open the CWM Recovery folder that you downloaded. Find and Run the fastboot- file according to your OS. Extract all if necessary. One you run it, you should get a black window that disappears immediately. Phone may still be at the Huawei screen. Then Run the install-recovery- file according to your OS.(If there is any command prompt problems or the pc says waiting for device,go into control panel/sys/device manager and find android 1.0 right click and update driver.)

    5)Once it is done, unplug USB cable and take out the battery for 10 seconds and try to get into recovery by turning phone off and pressing and holding Volume Up, Call key, and Power until the black Clockwork screen comes out. Keep those buttons pressed until the clockwork mod screen comes out..Check to see if Clockwork is at version If it is showing version 3.xxxx, select reboot system now and PM me about it. You can not move further. However, if it is showing version, move on to the next step.

    If anyone is wondering why they need to do this procedure, it is because the Clockwork Mod that can be flashed using ROM Manager can not be used for installing Icarus.

    STOP!!! Before proceeding, do a backup of your current ROM in case something bad happens. To do the backup:

    6) Select backup and restore. Select Backup and do a backup. This is going to take about 5 minutes. After that, go all the way back and select reboot system now, connect the phone to the computer, press Mount on the notification that pops out in the phone, view your files on your sd card, find the clockworkmod folder and copy that file to your computer. Keep the phone mounted and connected to computer and proceed.

    Now you may continue to install ICARUS 1.1

    Quick How-To by by Isaacj87

    NOTE: Make sure you are rooted and have CWM installed. For those who have been around Android for awhile and know what you're doing, bear with me. I'm trying to help the new guys out. I will write this quick how-to with the assumption that the phone has been rooted properly and custom recovery flashed as well.

    1) Download Icarus via the link below.

    - Place it in the MAIN folder of your SDcard

    2) Reboot into recovery mode:

    To do this, turn the phone off and press the following hardware key combination:
    HOLD Volume up + Call and TAP Power
    It is important that you hold Volume up + Call until it fully boots in CWM

    3) While in ClockworkMOD:

    You will need to do a full wipe. THIS WILL REMOVE ALL DATA(apps, contacts, text messages, phone log, etc.) This means Data, Dalvik and SD:Ext (if applicable)

    - Use the trackball to scroll down to "wipe data/factory reset." Confirm it.
    - Next, go to "wipe cache patition." Confirm it.

    Now, head down the "Mounts and Storage" section <---- updated for Icarus 1.1 (as a precaution)

    Run these options:

    - Format boot
    - Format system
    - Format data
    - Format cache

    - Now, go to "advanced" and "Wipe dalvik cache." Confirm it.

    Now, we flash our signed zip.

    - Press back until you're in the main menu of CWM. From there, choose "Install zip from sdcard." Then, select "choose zip from sdcard." Find IcarusMOD and flash it. DON'T REBOOT YET.


    Now, we need to partition the SDcard. In order to fully use DT's apps2sd, we new 2 partitions on our sdcards:

    - While still in "advanced", move down to "Partition SD Card"
    We'll need the format to be "256" and "0" for swap. I recommend using "256," but feel free to try a larger size. YMMV. Reboot.
    NOTE: The first boot will have odd behavior. It will start to boot, restart back to the Huawei screen and then keep going. Don't panic or pull your battery at any point. First boot will take a good 5 minutes. BE PATIENT. You'll brick your phone if you decide to pull the battery while the phone is starting from first boot.The reason being that dalvik will be reinstating itself. Once you get to the setup screen, enter your information and enjoy.

    Changelog by by Isaacj87



    - Hopefully, fixed USB mounting issues for good (symlink'ed now to /system, data wiping won't kill it anymore)
    - Since autorun.iso was moved to /system, it saved 12 megs of space. Yay.
    - Increased Dalvik heap to 32m
    - Added speed tweaks to build.prop (thanks to Killabyte)
    - Reverting back to DroidSans font (Ubuntu fonts caused [] characters, I found a set that supposedly doesn't have issues. Maybe next version.
    - Revert back to stable-ish version of DT's apps2sd, hopefully clear up some apps2sd issues
    - Themed Huawei's shitty messaging app (thanks to Joenathan for the legwork)
    - Fixed aspects of the Minimal_Green theme port. It's about 95% ported (thanks again to Joe)
    - Added Flash lite 4. Haven't used it extensively, but it seems like it works.

    - Intial release
    - Fixed USB mounting error
    - Fixed broken WIFI
    - Fixes to build.prop
    - hosts addition to /system/etc

    FAQ's by by Isaacj87

    Q: What's the point of Icarus? It seems like stock?

    A: That's the point. I wanted this ROM to be minimal and clean. I wanted Huawei to see what a stock ROM should be like. At this point, that's really all we can do. If someone is going to go the extra mile to get AOSP and/or a kernel working for us then fantastic.

    Q: Where is apps2sd? Why can't I turn it on?

    A: That's because it's already on. It runs as a background process that automagically moves apps from the internal storage/cache to the EXT2 partition on your SDCard. Should any problems arise, I will post instructions on making sure DT's apps2sd is functioning correctly.

    Q: Where can I check if apps2sd is running correctly?

    A: That requires a little knowledge of the terminal and/or ADB. I use ADB, but I'm assuming you can use a terminal emulator. To check if DT's apps2sd is functional, simply run this ADB command:
    adb /system/bin/a2sd check

    Q: You said we have apps2sd, but my storage space is still draining?

    A: Regardless of apps2sd, the phone still uses internal storage for caching things (Web pages, Market, etc.). While you will use SOME memory over time, most of it will be released at some point (reboot, auto-clearing). If you're sure you've done everything correctly, try running the a2sd check and see what's wrong. It might be that you just need to re-partition your SDcard correctly.

    Q: Why am I getting so many force closes?

    A: Besides the changes like new apps, new framework and apps2sd/JIT, Icarus is about 90% the same as the original stock Huawei ROM. However, the apps2sd is the biggest change that can change the behavior a lot! If you find that you're getting FC's, more than likely it's due to incorrect permissions. Your best bet is to download ROM manager and run fix permissions. Hopefully, it clear up any problems you might be having.

    Q: My battery life is terrible now, what gives?

    A: Try putting down the phone for a change. Just kidding. Battery life is usually dependent on user usage. Check and make sure you don't have things running that you're not using (Wifi, GPS, Task Killers, etc.).

    Q: I tried something and now I can't get my phone to boot, what do I do?

    A: You need to learn how to use fastboot. If you don't know what that is, then you shouldn't be doing these things. At one point I thought I had ruined my phone myself, but all I had to do is erase every partition with fastboot. The command is:
    fastboot erase NAMEOFPARTITION
    If you don't know what any of this means, revert back to stock. If you do know what it means, erase everything and start over.

    Q: WIFI tethering kills my WIFI?

    A: This is a known problem on the Ascend for awhile. Huawei designed the ROM quite differently than most manufacturers do. As a result, if makes it difficult for devs to work on it and it makes it difficult for users as well. AFAIK, there is no real solution to this other than NOT using WIFI tethering apps.

    Q: I'm on Cricket and I have no data? <--- UPDATED FOR ICARUS 1.1

    A: When I combined the carrier info, the phone my default to MetroPCS as the Access Point Name (or might not be selected at all). In order to enable Cricket's data services, goto Settings --> Wireless & networks --> Mobile Networks --> Access Point Names and choose your respective provider.

    Q: I'm on Metro and I can't send MMS? <--- UPDATED FOR ICARUS 1.1

    A: When I combined the carrier info, MetroPCS stopped authenticating the sending of MMS. I'm looking into this currently, but it'll be difficult for me because I no longer have MetroPCS service in order to test.

    Downloads by Isaacj87

    Icarus 1.1:

    The MMS Fix for Metro users:

    This is only for metropcs users running Icarus 1.1, as the APN settings are wrong.

    Here's the fix:

    1. Go to Settings > Wireless and networks >Mobile networks > Access Point Names
    2. Press menu and select new APN.
    3. Enter the following info.

    Name: MetroPCS

    APN: <Not set>


    Port: 3128

    Username: <Not set>

    Password: <Not set>

    Server: <Not set>


    MMS proxy: <Not set>

    MMS port: <Not set>

    MCC: 310

    MNC; 16

    Authentication type: PAP or CHAP

    APN type: default,supl,mms

    4. After you have entered the above, press menu and save. Now make sure that the new apn has a green dot beside it.

    5. Now you should be able to send and receive mms messages

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    So you can get MMS with this one.... Can you not use APN Backup Restore with Cyanogenmod and then Ascend? I might be getting one to play with today.

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    Is anyone still using Icarus 1.1?

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    I'm trying to put it on a Huawei Ascend , it's just funny in the guide it says "
    2)Using a computer, Download this file: CWM"

    Like okay, how am I supposed to do that? I tried googling it but I'm not sure what version of CWM it is. Anyway I'll find a way around it then follow the guide some more Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheefa420 View Post
    I'm trying to put it on a Huawei Ascend , it's just funny in the guide it says "
    2)Using a computer, Download this file: CWM"

    Like okay, how am I supposed to do that? I tried googling it but I'm not sure what version of CWM it is. Anyway I'll find a way around it then follow the guide some more Thank you!

    You might want to try out CyanogenMod 7 instead. I heard overall Icarus is more stable, but I would still go with CyanogenMod 7 instead. The information on that is also posted in the forum.

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    I used my Ascend forever and a day. It was one of my favorite phones of all time. It was so easy to work with. I got to say to anyone wanting to go with a custom Rom, you gotta go with Icarus. I tried other roms, but Icarus really is the only one that was stable and opperated flawlessly. If you go with CyanogenMod, then prepare to have issues. I mean sometimes you might get it to run stable, even for weeks. Eventually however It will always get quirky, I've seen it do some pretty strange things. One time I had it running decent, and then for no apparant reason it would start ringing with some unknown tone. like 2 or 3 times a day this would happen. Its been about a year since I quit using my ascend, but it still gets use. I use it to connect my desktop to our wifi since it doesnt have a built in wireless adapter. I know i could start using it as my everyday phone right now, and Icarus is still running strong.



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