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    Article: Streaming Problem with Sprint Flashed Android Phones


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    Hey guys I bought an evo and had it flashed (now that I have been reading trying to get this fixed I now feel really dumb for paying someone to do it) but anyway. I have the same thing everything works except internet apps. The only thing is all of these were right to begin with except I have seen alot of places that for 2.3 the proxy IP is with an 8080 port number and even a suggestion or two to try as the ip. In desperation I have tried then all, nothing. So I checked my plan the guy at the little mom and pop shop I went to said "the 55$ android plan" but I checked the website today and I'm on the 55 dollar mexico plus plan. I tried to change it but it says my phone isn't compatible with it. My phone is listed on the site as CPE smart phone android os. the only difference from the plan that I have now is the one he said I was going to be one has a 1GB data limit and mine say unlimited. Besides that they seem the same but the thing I was worried about is not having full internet on my plan so I don't know what to do.

    Anyone know what it might be??

    I didn't know much about flashing and rooting and I have got to say it is not rocket science and is really sweet. my phone isn't rooted just flashed but after all the reading I have done trying to fix this I plan on rooting it after I fix this and get a little more time.



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