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    Senior Member Hexley's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    LG Optimus C

    Article: What are some of the best Android apps you've found? For those of you who a

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    Jun 2011
    HTC Evo 3D (ICS)

    Lots of good ones on your list that I use regularly.

    I personally like GPS Status more than GPS Test. GPS Status lets you purge and re-download AGPS data which helps a lot if your GPS has a hard time locking on.

    A few others I like:

    Amazon App Store (free paid app daily!)

    SoundHound: Identify any song just by letting your android device listen to it for a few seconds

    Elixir: The most powerful, customizable system monitoring and function-toggling widget ever. I can't believe it is free. It is awesome and it has replaced at least 5 other apps/widgets on my phone.

    Google Goggles: Identifies things, reads barcodes, QR-Codes, etc

    Opera Mini (slower/older phones) and Opera Mobile (newer faster phones): Awesome FAST web browsers that make the best of even the slowest connections

    Root Explorer:
    A file explorer. For root users. Very powerful!

    Pandora: everybody knows what this is

    Green Power: IMO the best battery preserver, especially for 2.2 devices. If you are on GB (2.3) you lose a lot of it's functionality. It intelligently manages your network connections to stretch battery life.

    Watchtower: Helps spot renegade apps that are consuming your resources (and battery)

    I use a bunch more but the above are my favorites.

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    Junior Member Tj Lsn Davis's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
    Huawei Ascend-CM7

    If these apps are really as good as they say, I might just download them all! Thanks for hints!



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