I am tired of dealing with Cricket rep's trying to upsell me and take me off my plan. They could have a phone sale in their bucket, but aren't happy with that and all they want to do is try to BS me out of my plan and upsell me to another plan.

I simply need a new phone that is compatible with my unlimited talk/text $25.00 plan - which will not change, no matter what!!!!! It was a plan offered for a very short time period and is now grandfathered. So I am lucky for that and will not change it. Period!

Cricket offers such crappy phones with a talk/text only plan and am wondering how to get the best phone compatible with this plan. This is really a stupid practice. They think if they offer just a few crappy phones you will switch to a higher plan. I am not surgically attached to my phone, but would like a nicer phone.

I bought a Samsung Messager Touch R631 from ebay - a nice phone. However, Cricket is telling me it is not compatible with the $25 talk/text, but is compatible with the $35 talk/text plan. Huh?????? How that is true is beyond my logical reasoning. Seems like a ploy to get me to pay more. I fail to see what the difference in plans is, other than the price.

Over the past couple of days I have called in to Cricket, online chatted with Cricket rep's and called Cricket stores. I am now beyond livid with this game they are playing. So, here I am.