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    Galaxy S3

    Samsung Conquer 4g (Talk,Text,Internet, no MMS)

    So I have been playing around with this for now for a couple of hours and i have gotten the the talk and text working using CDMA WS 2.7, and QPST. With the CDMA workshop I went to security, i sent the samsung default password and the phone unlocked. Then Simply sent the spc then changed it to all 0's. Then I went into QPST changed the directory number and the imsi to the correct settings, the i used a hybrid prl. MIP I changed the profile 1 with the normal required information. Then i set the behavior to simple IP only. Changed the PPP setting in the UM and AN remembering to tether the UM. I did notice that the box for 1xEVDO-> 1x was not checked. I dont know if that had anything to do with the data not working the first time i flashed it so i just checked it. Then i wrote all settings to the phone. The talk and text immediatly started working. I did get a 3g but i did not connect (im sure its cause i was on the 45 dollar plan) so i rooted it using super oneclick 2.3 and installed the u2nl. The data still didn't work the 3g arrows were bouncing around like it was trying to connect but it didnt connect. I tried the greenk45 after i installed busy box still the internet didnt work just hung on the connecting screen. I ended up using the anycut from the market to change the host and port and the internet started right up. Im thinking this phone may require and apn for the internet???? i used apn back up and restore with a generic apn from and old indulge zip i downloaded to see if the mms would come thru but no luck. ill try some new apn's tonight and see if it helps. I will also try to change to the 60z android plan also to see if that works. Any help or sugestions are greatly appreciated as i and an intermediate cellphone flasher =)

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    saint louis

    I just unlocked my Conquer 4G with cdma workshop

    get cdma workshop here
    Downloading - CDMA Workshop 2 7 FULL rar

    connect the software and the phone to the corresponding com port in device manager. main tab COM settings> make sure the baud rate is the same as in your device manager! as well as making sure the COM port is the same!

    at the bottom press connect!

    in the DM mode section under Main tab select QCDM wait a few seconds if youre already rooted and modded then it should say you were already in DM mode if not itll change it for you.

    under security tab select the radio button for the custom password in the Password (16 Digits) section.

    the default password for samsung conquer 4g is 01F2030F5F678FF9

    press send!

    the spc was then created on its own so i then selected write.
    i then changed the spc to 000000 as it states in another forum to do to get thisphone ready to be fully flashed. everything was successfull from there.

    that is the step i am on and it unlocked the phone in the process i dont know what to do to flash to cricket all the way.

    any suggestions or constructive critiscm is welcome

    if you follow the correct rooting and moding instructions for this phone you will have no problems unlocking this phones fullest potential. flashing to cricket is the next step im not sure of how or what settings to input.



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