Well, that’s awful nice. We had heard that the Sanyo Zio was supposed to get an update to Android 2.1, Eclair. But it appears that no, they’ll get 2.2 Froyo instead. This will be available over a Wi-Fi connection, or at select Cricket locations. The Wi-Fi update should be easy enough. Just follow these steps:

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I think that you’ll notice an astoundingly greater device is unveiled to you once you install the update.


Cricket WirelessZIO 2.2 Upgrade


Android 2.2 is Here! We're excited to let you know that the Android 2.2 upgrade for the Sanyo Zio (1.6 OS) by Kyocera is now available!

The upgrade will be available in Cricket company-owned and premier dealer retail stores where it will take about ten minutes to complete. You can also upgrade your phone over Wi-Fi which is expected to take between 30 and 60 minutes.

How to Upgrade Zio

The Android 2.2 OS upgrade must be downloaded over Wi-Fi and consists of three individual packages. Each package will first download and then install. Installation and download times will vary depending on your Wi-Fi connection and data speeds. The average time for download and installation of the first and second packages is 5 - 10 minutes each, and 20 – 30 minutes for the third package. There will be a power cycle after each of these packages has installed. You may be required to re-establish a Wi-Fi connection after the power cycle.

Please Note: The server can only handle so many simultaneous upgrades. If you get the message ‘no download available’ on or after February 28th, it’s likely that the server is busy. Please try again in 20-30 minutes or during off peak hours (i.e. after 9 pm).

Before you start the upgrade, make sure you’re phone is fully charged and we recommend you set your device timeout setting to ‘never timeout.’

To start the upgrade - Establishing a Wi-Fi Connection - Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Update > Select “Check for update”


Q: When will the upgrade to the Android 2.2 Operating System be available for my Zio?
A: Cricket and Kyocera will make the upgrade available starting February 28th.

Q: How will I know when an upgrade is available?
A: The device will not automatically alert you of an available upgrade, you do have to manually ‘Check for Update’ on your Zio on or after February 28th.

Q: How do I check for the 2.2 upgrade for my Zio?
A: To check for the 2.2 upgrade on or after February 28th, go to Settings > About Phone > System Update > Check for Update. The download must be done over Wi-Fi. Also, Cricket recommends fully charging your device and adjusting your screen timeout setting to ‘never’ before initiating the upgrade.

Q: How do I set the screen time out to not time out?
A: Go to Menu > Settings > Sound and Display > Screen Timeout > Never Timeout. Once the upgrade is complete, reset the screen timeout to 15 or 30 seconds. This will help to extend your battery life.

Q: How do I set up a Wi-Fi connection?
A: Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless controls > Touch Wi-Fi to turn it on > Wi-Fi settings > Zio scans for Wi-Fi networks > Choose desired network to connect to > Enter password for secured networks > Zio connects to network > and you should be ready for Wi-Fi internet use. If you’re connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network, you may also need to establish a browser session to enter your credentials.

Q: How long will the upgrade take?
A: The entire upgrade process will take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your Wi-Fi connection and data speeds. The upgrade comes in three packages, the first and second packages will download and install pretty quickly (2-5 minutes each, on a good Wi-Fi connection). The third download will take longer (20-30 minutes on a good Wi-Fi connection).

Q: How will I know when the upgrade is complete?
A: The upgrade requires the download and installation of three packages, the device will power cycle after each package is installed. It is only after the third package is installed and the device power cycles (setting up the new operating system) that the icons will be updated on the home screen. You may also verify the new version under the device settings menu, go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Android version 2.2.1. Be patient after the final (third) package install, as it will take up to 10 minutes to reboot.

Q: Will I lose anything on my phone when I upgrade? Will my pictures, contacts, songs and/or other data be lost because of the upgrade?
A: We highly recommend syncing contacts with Gmail™ before upgrading your device, as well as backing up pictures and other data to your microSD card. If your contacts are not appearing after the upgrade, go to Contacts > Menu > Display Options > ___@gmail.com > Select: All other contacts.

Q:What kind of new features can I anticipate in the new Cricket Zio 2.2 OS?
A: With the new 2.2 Android OS for your Zio, you’ll see the following benefits.
• Performance Improvements: The new 2.2 OS has improved management of device memory, enabling faster transition through the device user interface and faster interaction with applications.

• 5 Home Screens: Additional home screens allow you to further customize device short cuts and quick access to key apps.

• Live Wallpaper Support: Allows you to customize your home screen with animated wallpapers (because live wallpapers will drain your battery faster, this feature defaults to off, but it you can enable it).

• Camera & Camcorder Feature Buttons: Added to the short cut screen to allow for quicker access. These are two frequently used features many consumers wanted quick access to. Now you can upload images and content to social networking sights even faster now!

• Gallery Zoom Gesture Support: Peek into stacks of pictures and zoom in and out with greater ease.

• Multiple keyboard languages: You can switch between different languages by swiping across the space bar. This will then change the keys, as well as the auto-update dictionary.

• Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® supported (email, calendar, and contacts): Provides the user total access to their daily calendar, all saved contacts and the ability to multitask via e-mail; this is the true Smartphone experience! Refer to the Zio User Guide for instructions.

• Application Auto Update: As new apps are downloaded, the user can choose auto update or manual update –the user controls how updates to their device are handled.

Q: Will the new OS support Live Wallpapers?
A: Yes it will. However, because live wallpapers will drain your battery faster this feature defaults to off, but you can enable it.

Q: How do I set up my corporate email through Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®?
A: Cricket Customer Care is unable to support setup of a corporate email accounts using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® because so many of the specific settings and information you will need must be provided by your company’s IT support team. Instructions for set up are provided in the Zio User Manual.

Q: I am attempting to download the Zio 2.2 upgrade over Wi-Fi, but I’m getting the error ‘no download available,’ what does this mean?
A: If you’re attempting to download the upgrade on or after February 28th and receive the message ‘no download available,’ the server hosting the upgrade software is busy. Try again in 20-30 minutes, or during typically slow times (i.e. after 9 pm), or you can take your Zio to a Cricket store and we’ll be happy to upgrade your device for you.

Q: Can I use my phone while the new software is downloading?
A: You can, for the most part; there are only a few times during the upgrade that the device will not be usable (this is noted in the upgrade instructions). It is recommended, for the most efficient upgrade experience, that you refrain from using your device to make / accept calls, send messages, or for web access while the upgrade is in process. Doing these things while the download is taking place in the background won’t harm the device, but download speeds will be slower.

Q: What happens if I lose my Wi-Fi connection in the middle of the upgrade?
A: Reconnect to Wi-Fi and then go to Settings > About Phone > System Update > Check for Update to finish the upgrade. Otherwise, your device will automatically retry the download in 2 weeks.

Q: If I need to Factory Data Reset later, will my Zio revert to an older version of Android?
A: No, a Factory Data Reset will remove any installed third-party apps and all Google account information. It will not affect data on the microSD card, or change the Android version in any way.

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