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    Post Sanyo Zio by Kyocera ( Kyocera M6000) Owners-Help and Dev


    Thought I should start a thread specific to the Zios Development. Not the most qualified candidate for a Dev thread but there isn't one as far as I can see so here it is. It's also a place Zio owners can come for friendly help outside of calling Cricket, because we all know how frustrating and time consuming that can be.

    Development- I can't say for sure what Cricket is or isn't doing with this phone. I can tell you that Android Operating Systems are Open Source, which means everyone, from me, to you, to the guy down the street pumping out Apps for the market can take advantage of it. Basically it gives you the freedom to do almost anything you'd like to do with the phone. Customization, control of the phone, updating to newer versions like Froyo or Gingerbread when your phone company isn't going to update your phone, you can keep it updated with CUSTOM ROMS.

    Now that source code has been released and out for some time, things have reall taken off. As far as development goes, we don't have a whole lot left to do with the Zio. Multitouch and CM6 and/or 7 are being worked on. Flash is impossible due to hardware limitations. So we have pretty much owned the phone. A few long existing problems still lurk, and may forever. I.E. Wifi not stable since 2.2 update. Facebook doesn't sync properly. Silencing messages with volume button. But for being a small and part-time community we have done volumes with the Zio from out of the box. Developers always welcome!! #openzio

    Link to XDA Zio Threads:

    Kyocera Zio M6000 - xda-developers

    Threads for Overclocking-Custom ROMs-Swype-and General Issues and Discussions

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    Good post.

    Please message me any recommendations on subforums, etc. This forum will be built by Cricket users like yourself.

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    Here is the link to the source code

    Kyocera - Developer Info - Get info on the Kyocera's Android enabled smartphones

    I started a thread for any source code changes that might come out if this!

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