Ive been fighting bad net speeds on my epic since day one. was on $45 plan and would lose net for days at a time. Went back to $55 plan hoping for relief. Had connection 90% of the time but my speeds were like 150k any time during the day or any other peak times. Might get a 800k at 2am or something. Tried MANY different prl. Just went to 42600 and it is like I switched providers. I tested 700-1100k and pandora is bearable.

It is amazing what finding the right prl can do. I would imagine it is more area related than phone. I'm in Dayton Ohio area if it helps anyone. I was very close to leaving cricket for straight talk, as friends of mine have made the switch and had success. At this point, as long as my speeds stay up, I am staying with my epic on cricket.