I'm ashamed to admit how many hours I've spent on this but its safe to say its been many.

I am moving my wife from her old HTC Evo over to this Droid Bionic since it is at least a dual core phone.

I followed the Droid Razr guide on the forum here for the most part and after some trial and error I believe I have everything working on it except MMS of course. I started with a fresh wipe with RSDLite to the Verizon .246. I used CDMA Workshop to flash the whiterabbit NV items and then QPST to flash the rest of the usual items. After some tinkering I had voice/text/3g working. I didn't have to mess with any of the APNs much either to get the 3g working. Thinking it was something with the Rom, I installed SafeStrap 3.11 and then flashed the latest Eclipse rom into Slot1. I have the same issue with that rom though, data/voice/text works fine but not able to download/view a MMS, even in Go SMS Pro.

I have tinkered with so many MMS and APN settings and still cannot get the stupid thing to successfully receive a MMS message. I am completely fine with MMS only working with Go SMS Pro. I've tried just about every combination of settings in Go SMS Pro. I can get it to receive a MMS but when I press the download button it just says "Unable to download the message". It is able to send MMS's just fine.

When I go to Settings/About/Phone -- it seems odd that the PRL and My Phone # info are blank. Is that a helpful symptom of the root problem here?

Is there a specific APN setting or specific QPST setting that would allow 3g data and outbound MMS to work, and allow you to receive the MMS message but not download the content?

If I've missed anything that might be helpful in diagnosing this issue please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help!