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    Crazy data speed throttle on recently activated Droid 2


    I've had a Droid 2 flashed to Cricket for a while now. I recently had a problem with the keyboard and ended up buying another Droid 2 and flashing it a couple weekends ago. I had my ESN changed over to the new phone using the form on this site. Everything was working just as well as my first Droid 2 for a good week and some, but within the past few days I've had some crazy throttling going on with my data speeds... I've run SpeedTest a lot over the past few days and seem to average at just over 100kbps download and closer to 700kbps upload. I looked at my cricket account online and April is at just over 1GB, so I don't think I've reached the data cap. I'm on auto bill pay and the payment just went through today. If it's throttling from Cricket due to some cap, shouldn't it end on the first day of the next billing cycle? I'm on the 55 dollar plan so I don't think it's an issue with phone settings. Any ideas?

    Like I said, it was working fine for a bit and then it's like I hit a brick wall. The only thing I've done since having the problem is dial *228 to try to get an OTA prl to see if it would help anything... it didn't. I can't remember anything that would have happened on my phone prior to noticing the problem. I will also note that I didn't change settings on the broken Droid 2 and noticed that it still gets data through 3G on it. I tested it too and had the same data throttling.


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    The data cap is 1 GB for Cricket.

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    Wrecked Johnson

    If you have 2 phones that were on the same number which is what I am getting from your post, then you might be utilizing your data from both, make sure your old phone is powered down or if you know how to unprogram your MDN and MIN i would suggest that as well. As scottpole stated you only have 1gb of data per month and you dont want to squander that on accident



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