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    Cricket Flashed Droid 2 - Issue with Long Texts

    Hi all,

    I flashed my Droid 2 to Cricket a few weeks ago with the help of people on this forum and wonder if anyone else on the Droid 2 (or any Cricket flashed phone for that matter) has run into this issue. It seems like when I write a text message that is longer than can fit in a single message, the text is received as junk characters to the person I sent it to.

    Now I originally had a Huawei Ascend from Cricket, and it showed a counter for how many characters were left for the text message, and if you exceeded them, then it would convert the entire message to MMS. The Droid 2 shows a counter, but then resets the counter once you reach the max (I assume with the intention of sending multiple texts). I am thinking that Cricket can't handle multiple texts generated from the same message.

    So does anyone else have this happen? Are there any work-arounds other than not exceeding the length of one text message? I don't see any settings in the text app that would let me specify that it should convert to MMS once a message reaches a certain length.

    Everything else seems to be working fine for me, and I love the phone.

    In case it matters, I am on Android 2.3.3 with ZombieStomped 1.7.

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    I just started a short discussion about this. Try Handcent, Chomp SMS, or GO SMS. They have built in text splitting features. Good luck!
    Please check the forum and post there before PMing me. I have over 674 unread PMs due to the fact that they are issues which should have been addressed here.

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    Droid X

    Try the Mms.apk file attached.

    I would make a backup just in case.

    To install I would:
    1) Use root explorer or Super Manger to navigate to \System\app and (rename) the original Mms.apk to Mms.apk.bak
    2)Use root explorer or supermanger to copy the Mms.apk downloaded to \system\app.
    3)Use ROM Managet to fix permissions and reboot.

    After the reboot you can go to settings by opening up the Messaging app and click menu, settings and enabling the sms split.

    Let me know if this helps.
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    Jul 2011

    Thanks for the suggestions. The first thing I tried was Handscent and it seems to be doing the trick. I like the configuration options better than the default messaging app, so I'll stick with this for now and see if it holds out.




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