Hello guys, im really new to this and didnt even know it was possible but heres where im at. My current phone is a blackberry from b**st which i pay $60 per month for. My sister has a droid 2 global she doesnt use and has sent it to me. I wanna flash it over to cricket but im not sure where to even start. Ive read posts and the tut but im still confused.

1. First step is to update the droid 2 global to the newest version?
2. Go to bestbuy and purchase a cricket phone, activate it with the $55 plan and have them port my boost number over to it? Is this necessary? If so can i just purchase the cheapest cricket phone or do i need to purchase an android phone?
3. Follow the flashing tut and flash phone over to cricket?
4. Call cricket and tell them i have a different phone i want to use instead of my cheap one? Do i tell them its a droid 2 global?

Is this right? Any info will be much appreciated. Is there a thread im missing that explains this?

Thanks for all your help