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    Sep 2011

    Whats the Cricket PRL for Houston, Texas

    I been looking for it.

    On the "*STICKY* Official Cricket PRL Thread" I only see a Cricket PRL for Austin. Could someone that lives in Houston tell me which PRL worked for them? I'm trying to flash a Droid 2 to cricket.


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    Feb 2012
    pasadena texas

    the best prl i have found for houston

    Yes this is the prl i am using on my htc evo 4g rooted and u can also use it for un rooted devices it works well but u can not send picture messages but every thing else works.. 3g/4g works, text, you can receive picture mail, talk, WEB, and all other things work just fine.
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    Feb 2012

    42900 has worked perfectly for me here.



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