ok so the guy i Flashed his DX to cricket for wanted to use GV to send SMS (because he has it on the paygo $1 a day plan and sms is 10cents a piece but wants to text his wife once and a while) but couldn't get it to work; sms was still going threw as normal. He brought me the phone earlier and i played with it and found that unlike my droid hid dx isnt giveing an option when you chouse to send a message of use messenger or gv. Im a bit confused by this because ive herd that people have been able to do this with no problen on the dx.

i used Blur_Version.2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US-Part1 and part 2 for the rom on this phone as was suggested by chrisngrod.

any help on this would be great.