Okay, I've seen a lot of confusion and other problems for flashing the Droid X with gingerbread for cricket. It caused me massive headaches last night and after 4 hours and a lot of headache I realized that it can be done in about 10 minutes, with no root. Although root is nice to remove all the vzw stuff.

So, if you are at the "stock point" here is what you do.

Load the PRL for cricket (I used CDMA Workshop for this). You will need to have USB Debugging on and the motorola drivers installed. See the other flash topic about creating the port, etc...

Once the PRL is loaded:
Dial *228 - After this all settings should (and have for me every time) been correct and Talk, TXT, Data all work flawlessly.

Now the MMS Won't work and this is where it gets sticky, but here is how I got it to work:

First, I installed APN Backup/restore and Anycut. You do need both.

First, go into APN Backup / Restore and delete all APN's.

The create a shorcut using anycut for APNs.

Create a new APN Called "Cricket"
APN = internet
proxy = blank (not set)
port = blank (not set)
username = xxxxxxxxx@mycricket.com (replace xxx with your number)
password = cricket
server = wap.mycricket.com
mmsc =

mms proxy = blank (not set)
mms port = 8080
mcc = 310
mnc = 004
authentication type = pap or chap
apn type = default,mms,dun

Ok, from here I saved this apn and then restarted the phone.

Go back into the apns and then set as default (it will have a green circle on the right when it is set)

From here then you need to change phone programming settings

dial ##program

spc is 000000 (6 zeros)

go to sms/mms settings
mml server name should be = wap.mycricket.com
address for upload should be 111111 (6 ones)
max size should be 1024000

Back out and again restart phone

Thanks to all the people who have made posts here and at other forums that I scavenged last night figuring this out. And thanks to the support guys on here that I spoke with to bounce things off of.