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    [Game] Draw Something

    Name:  draw-something-iphone-app.jpg
Views: 91
Size:  144.9 KB

    Haven't heard about the insanely cool (hint the sarcasm) Draw Something game? Then you live under a rock. This game has seriously blown up ever since it's release at the beginning of February, swaying hipsters and teeny boppers everywhere that they really are an artist.

    Besides making you self conscious about your fat fingers, this game is a lot like Pictionary, except it's on your smartphone. Pretty cool huh? You can create a new account too or link it up to your Facebook account so all your friends can constantly send you invites to play. Just like Words With Friends. Awesomeness.

    Okay, enough with the sarcasm. For now... I downloaded this game when Android Police first posted it. When I did download it, I got it when it was under 50 downloads and NO reviews. I'm so cool. But because of the bugs and me thinking it was totally lame because the drawing selection was limited, I uninstalled it. Weeeelllll, it's mainstream now and I absolutely had to download it again. Because I'm so cool. My Facebook newsfeed is literally being blown up with usernames for Draw Something. See, proof. And these are only a few.

    Name:  Draw Something 1.JPG
Views: 145
Size:  12.7 KB

    Name:  Draw Something 2.JPG
Views: 174
Size:  13.7 KB

    Name:  Draw Something 3.JPG
Views: 94
Size:  14.0 KB

    Now seriously, here's what the app is really about. At the beginning of the game, you or your gaming partner, will have the option to chose what you want to draw. You get 3 choices ranging from easy, medium, or hard. Each ranging from 1-3 coins for a successful answer. If you can't seem to make out your friends drawing because of their fat fingers or their lack of drawing skills, you can press the bomb button. Which makes you lose a life. You can also press pass. There's also a store inside the app which allows you to buy more colors etc with the coins you earned. Super friggin' duper.

    So, if you wanna be really friggin' cool and hip just like these few users and me, your fellow Cricket User, download the app and get drawing. :P

    chrisngrod's input: This game was okay, and if you are playing it within view of someone else they might grab your device and try to outdraw you. I know because I was positive I could draw a better lava lamp than Keri. You could find yourself desiring a little Galaxy Note (hopefully a CDMA version will come out), tablet, or a capacitive touch stylus. Those stubs you call fingers will probably hold you back from being the best DrawSomething player around.

    Oh and when Keri stated that DrawSomething has blown up, all I heard was, "wah wah wah... I liked DrawSomething before it was mainstream."
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