Hi everyone i wonder if you can help me with an issue with my phone.

Heres the story. Im a cricket dealer on the phoenix area. And a few months ago i bought the lg optimus c when it first came out. Cricket had provided a dealer line for me and i had an a300 on the 45 dollar plan.
When i wanted to upgrade to the optimus c, cricket didn't let me since the phone had just came out and they wanted dealers to push the blackberry instead.

Since i was excited for my first android phone i decided not to wait so what i did was to clone my esn from my a300 to my optimus, the phone worked perfectly except for the fact that i had no access to the market unless on wifi which is understandable simce i didnt have tge right plan.
About a month ago cricket let me upgrade my dealer line so o switch my optimus esn back to its original and got the rigjt plan this time. Anyway after programming the phone everything worked with the exception that the 3g only works for a couple of minutes and then it stops working and doesnt give me any data connection at all. I have to put the phone on airplane mode to get 3g back for a couple of minutes again.

I have tried to hard reset the phone, do a stock rom recovery and change the prl as well but nothing works is still the same.

Does anyone have an idea of what. Could be the problem?

Another thing worth mentioning is that my phone doesnt program with +228 anymore it just says to call back later. I have to program my phone with +22804

Thanks again and sorry for the wall of text