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    Root the HTC Hero (z4root one click app method)

    This is a copy of a post from XDA Forums. The software was made by RyanZA.


    Froyo is a bit of a pain to root! Well, this fixes that.


    Sebastian Krahmer's rageagainstthecage

    What this does

    It is an app you install from the market or by side loading, that has a single button that will root your device.

    How safe is this?

    Should be 100% safe - nothing on disk is changed besides the root binaries, so if something goes wrong, simply rebooting the device should fix up any and all issues. Let me know if you find any bugs!

    The new temporary root option works on 99% of available Android devices - no list yet of which specific devices are incompatible with the temporary root option - I am still trying to find out.

    Here is the list so far of known compatible and incompatible devices for the permanent root option. I haven't actually tested these myself - I only have a Galaxy S device - but this list has been created by reports from users.

    Compatible with PERMANENT root option

    Samsung Galaxy S (All variants)
    Sony X10
    Xperia Mini
    Droid 2
    Galaxy Tab
    Galaxy I5700
    Galaxy 3 I5800
    Droid X
    Samsung Acclaim
    Cricket Huawei Ascend
    Motorola Cliq
    Huawei 8120
    Optimus T
    Droid 1
    Garmin Asus A50
    Motorola Defy
    LG Ally
    Motorola Flipside
    Motorola Milestone 2
    Dell streak
    X10 Mini Pro
    Smartq v7 android 2.1

    Incompatible with PERMANENT root option

    Desire (requires nand unlock)
    Desire HD (requires nand unlock)
    Magic (unknown)
    Evo (requires nand unlock)
    G2 (requires nand unlock)
    Archos 70 (unknown)
    myTouch 3G (unknown)
    Droid Incredible


    V1.0.0 : Initial Release
    V1.1.0 : Will now open the application settings page if USB debugging is not enabled.
    V1.2.0 : Unroot support, fix for devices with small max file size such as I5700, binaries in xbin rather than bin
    V1.2.1 : Back to /system/bin for support for some devices. Fix for QVGA devices.
    V1.2.2 : Adverts added (can be permanently disabled with menu option). Hopeful fix for devices such as Moment (Did not work).
    V1.3.0 : Force unroot option, temporary root option.


    Google has removed this from the Market


    If this app helps you out, you can donate here:

    Attached Files Attached Files
    Please check the forum and post there before PMing me. I have over 674 unread PMs due to the fact that they are issues which should have been addressed here.

    If you need to buy something from (Ebay), please use this LINK every time and support the forum!

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    Thank you...I have been looking for a way to root the Hero for a few days now and I don't know why I didn't look here in the first place...LOL.



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