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    Flash Verizon/Sprint HTC TouchPro 2 to Cricket

    Touch Pro2 Tutorial

    This is a tutorial for flashing a CDMA Touch Pro2 (Rhodium, Verizon or Sprint) to Cricket.
    I did not personally discover this method, but am combining a lot of research and forum scouring into one easy document. I have tried to give credit and thanks where needed, if I have missed anyone, let me know!

    Flash at your own risk, not responsible for any bricked phones.

    Make sure the phone is active on your cricket account and you are using the ’all in $45’, ‘all in $55’ or, Android Smartphone $55 dollar plan. (I will explain the differences I have experienced and how to setup each in the data section, but highly reccomend the $55 android smartphone plan (requires phone be put on the account as CPE Android Smartphone.)

    HardSPL unlock
    The first thing I do on the phone (should still have stock rom at this point) is the hardspl unlock. Be CAREFUL on this part. My first TP2 was the only phone I have ever bricked while flashing. I got overly excited and quickly downloaded some files to flash with before reading closely. I ran the hardspl unlocker for the TP instead of the TP2 and it became an instant brick with no chance of saving it. You may download the hardspl from the link below:

    [HSPL-UNLOCKER] - - Rhodium W HardSPL - PPCGeeks

    The instructions are located in the first post along with the download link (thanks and credit to cmonex). Some important things to note are you can only run this unlocker once without donating, so if you flash more than one phone and get a donation message before you can use it on a second, this is why. There is also a relocker on the site in case you might need it (if putting the phone back on Verizon or sprint). Second, you need to be connected through active sync before running the unlocker (If you are using Windows Vista or 7, make sure Windows Mobile Device center is up to date.)

    Once you have ran the hardspl unlocker, it is time to flash a custom rom. I prefer Energy ROMS (thanks and credit to NRGZ28), although there are plenty out there to choose from. This link will describe the different Energy ROMS available:

    |ROM|¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |May 14| 21916|29020 * Sense 2021 + flavors - PPCGeeks

    I use
    Energy.RHODCDMA.21916.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.sencity. Jun.01.7z

    but feel free to choose your own.
    Here is the hotfile link for the available energy roms to download: One click file hosting

    (If you prefer a lighter build with no sense, try this link for the titanium energy rom One click file hosting


    If you are using a Verizon TP2 with the Energy ROMS, the keyboard layout is that of the sprint model by default, which is a little different on some of the function keys than the Verizon. If you are using a Verizon TP2 with the energy roms, download the VerizonKeyboardFix cab from this link:

    Attachments - PPCGeeks

    Once you have downloaded the ROM of your choice, unzip, and then connect the phone through activesync and run the “RhodCDMA_SoftwareUpgrade” file from the folder for the ROM download. Follow the onscreen instructions. (Please be aware, any user data will be lost during the ROM flash). Your phone should reboot when complete and you should now have your new ROM running.

    TALK AND TEXT Provisioning
    It is now time to load some files on an SD card. First start with the prl. Grab a prl from the prl sticky page on this site: . I would start with the newest, but if you have no luck, try another.
    Next file to grab and get on the SD (you can store them in internal memory of the phone if you do not have an sd card. I usually make a folder called ‘temp’ in the internal storage and put the prl and cabs there till I’m done flashing if no sd card is available, then delete the ‘temp’ folder after the flash) is Ryan Mogul’s Diagnostic Program Shortcuts cab from here:

    4shared - HTC to Windows Drivers + Unlock Tools - shared folder - free file sharing and storage

    Another Ryan Mogul cab I swear by and want to put on your SD card sets up cricket WAP and Arcsoft (makes MMS a lot smoother) found here (thanks and credit to Ryan Mogul!):

    Cricket WAP and Arcsoft - - online file sharing and storage - download

    This is going to do a lot of the setup below for you, but all steps are listed just in case and so you can verify the settings J
    After you have copied the prl and the cabs either to the internal phone memory or the sd card, use your file explorer on your phone to locate the cabs, and run both (also copy and run the Verizon keyboard fix cab at this time if you’re using the Verizon TP2). When asked, install both to internal memory. You should now have an EPST shortcut when going to your programs screen.
    Open the folder ‘Diagnostic’ then PST(EPST) from your phone’s programs screen. Choose ‘Edit’. A screen will be displayed asking for the unlock (SPC) code. Normally, this is 000000, so try the 6 zero’s first (flashed many TP2s, never seen any not have the 6 0’s by default).
    If this doesn’t work for you though, download ‘SPC unlockinstructionsreadme.txt’ . This will describe multiple methods to get the spc, including using a cab called BAFMSL, this cab is also available along with the text document at the below link (credit again to Ryan Mogul):

    4shared - HTC to Windows Drivers + Unlock Tools - shared folder - free file sharing and storage

    Click ‘View Info’ in the bottom left corner, and select ‘PRL’. Click and hold the blank space next to ‘Update PRL File’ then click ‘Edit’. Click ‘Browse’ then locate the PRL you have moved to the phone. Click ‘Ok’ in the bottom left corner. Click ‘Menu’ in the bottom right corner, then ‘OK’. A message will be displayed saying ‘Press OK to reset the device’. Click ‘OK’. Your phone will reset and now have a cricket PRL. When the phone has finished rebooting, dial *228. Reboot phone if it does not reboot automatically after the *228 over the air programming is complete.

    Once the phone has rebooted, go to the browser on your phone and try and open a web page (will not load the page at this point, don’t know why this is necessary but seems to help to get data working, so just go with it J) close out the browser. Go back to EPST on your phone, and click edit, and enter the 6 0’s for the unlock code. Click on ‘View Info’ in the bottom left corner, and select ‘Modem Settings’ and enter the following if they are not there already:
    Slot Cycle Index: 1
    Preferred Serving System: Automatic
    Preferred Mode: CDMA HDR Only
    HDR Hybrid Preferred: Enable
    Clear all MRU entry: No

    Next, click View Info, and click security, verify or correct the following
    HDR AN AUTH User ID:
    HDR AN AUTH Password: cricket
    PPP User ID:
    PPP PASSWORD: cricket

    Next, click View Info, and click Data Parameters, verify or correct:
    Packet Dial String: #777

    Next, click View Info, and click M.IP Settings, verify or correct the following
    Number of Profiles: 1
    Active User Profile Index: 0
    MIP_Mode: Mobile IP Preferred
    MIP Registration retries: 1
    MIP Registration Retry Timeout: 2000ms
    MIP Pre-Registration Timeout: 30
    Mobile Node HA Authentication: Enable
    Send a registration request: Enable
    Dormant Handoff Optimization: Enable

    Next, click View Info, and click M. IP Default profile, verify or correct the following:
    Enable Profile: Enable
    MN HA SPI set: Enable
    MN HA SPI Value (Hex): 12C
    MN AAA SPI Set: Enable
    MN AAA SPI Value (Hex): 2
    Reverse Tunneling Preferred: Enable
    Home Address:
    Primary HA Address: (0's for Android $55, use on $45 plan)

    Secondary HA Address: (0's for Android $55, use on $45 plan)
    HA Shared Secret: cricket
    AAA Shared Secret: cricket
    DMU Public Key: 0
    MN Authenticator (Hex): 0

    Next click view info and select all Mip Customer profiles 1-5 and ensure the first box, enable profile is set to disable.
    Click Menu, then okay, then ok when asked to reboot the phone.

    Now for the differences in data plans.
    All in $45 – WAP browsing. You will be going through crickets proxy ( The instructions below for the $45 plan will get data going through the browser, but other apps requiring data (exchange email, slingbox, resco radio, etc) will not work. I had to use a program called proxycap (

    ) to get other data apps going. It is a $15 license fee, but a good way to get data going on all apps if you don’t need the speed increase the $55 android plan offers (a one time $15 beats an extra $10 a month if you won’t use the speed). If anyone is interested in proxycap, let me know, and I’ll include the rules that need to be setup for cricket and MMS.

    All in $55 – Still wap, still proxied and slow, if you’re going to shell out the extra $10 a month, try and get your phone put on the account as a CPE android smartphone, and sign up for the Anrdoid all in $55

    Android All in $55 – This is the way to go! (Yes, I know this is a windows phone, everything will still work, this just opens up html browsing for us instead of WAP) All apps will work without a proxy, and without the need to set proxy settings in the connections settings of WinMo. Also get a lot more speed than you will see with the WAP plans.

    Depending on which plan you have selected, follow the instructions below:
    Go to your programs screen when the phone reboots, then click settings. Click Connections, then connections again. From the Tasks screen, select ‘Manage existing connections’. Tap and hold to delete any existing connections shown. Click ‘New’ in the bottom right corner. For the name of the new connection enter ‘Cricket Mobile Web’, select a modem is ‘Cellular Line’, then click next. The number to dial is #777, click next. Username will be your and password is ‘cricket’. Click Finish. Go to ‘Proxy Settings’. If you are using the $55 android plan or using a proxy software such as proxy cap, just select ‘This network connects to the internet box’ and click ok. If you are on the $45 plan, also check the box that says ‘This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet.’ Enter ‘’ in the proxy server box. Click advanced and replace http:, with ‘’ and ‘8080’ as the port , make sure the rest are blank. Click okay. Click okay again to go back to the connections ‘tasks’ screen. Go to ‘Advanced’. Click ‘Select networks’. Make sure both pull down boxes are selected for cricket, and click ‘OK’. Click ‘Okay’ again to exit connection settings.


    Now for MMS and some regedit action (I copied these to a text file from a website long ago, but work perfect for MMS on all the WinMo phones I’ve had, if this is your work, let me know and I’d love to give you credit, and know where I came across them in the first place J) Again, most of this might already be in place from the WapMMS cab from earlier, just double check, and put in anything that is wrong or missing. Open your registry editor (If you are using the energy rom, registry editor should be included in the build) and verify/change the following registry entries:

    HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1 Default Setting Cricket MMS and Change WAP default Port 1&2 to 8080 and WAP Default Time Out to 10000

    HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1\MMSCSetting\Cricket MMS
    Ensure Gateway Port is 8080
    ISP is Cricket MMS
    MmscURI is set to

    Name is Cricket MMS
    Ensure the next 4 settings WAP1RecvDefault Size, WAP1Send WAP2 Recv and WAP2 Send are set to 1024000
    WAPType to 1 (WAPType to 1 Ensures WAP 2.0
    Configurable is set to 1
    ConnectionVia is set to {0789CC17-B679-D3F5-73CD-8AD4CB9
    PacketSize is 1000.

    HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1\MMSCSetting\Cricket MMS\WspHeader
    Accept: application/vnd.wap.multipart.related
    X-Cricket-MDN this is your 10digit cell number (this might say X-Verizon or X-Sprint Change the value name to X-Cricket-MDN) Value Data 555-xxx-xxxx, of course put in your own phone number no dashes.
    HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1\MMSCSetting\WspHeader\

    SizeLimit WAP1RecvLimit 1,2,3 set everything on that page to 1024000 (this is part of your 1000K send and receive limit)

    If the following setting is available, change:
    HKLM /software/arcsoft mms ua/config/UI
    find EnableServerEdit and change it from 0 to 1

    If your phone has the following file, (may not after a clean flash) be sure to delete the string:
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Int ernet Settings
    Where it says Connections, Delete that entire string Hold down stylus on Connections circles it and delete it; this is what keeps the MMS from sending. You can also change the following if you use IE to keep the string from interfering again:
    the only thing to change to fix the cricket MMS VS IE proxy is to change the reg key
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnMgr\Providers\{EF097F4 C-DC4B-4c98-8FF6-AEF805DC0E8E}\HTTP-{1F994B49-C056-4503-99B0-37247BCC80F7}"Override"=""

    Go to your messages and click menu/MMS options and then click server and click add new. Add new or if you already have one called something else just click it and click need to change these settings to

    Server Name: Cricket
    Gateway leave: blank
    Port Number: 8080
    Server address:

    Connect Via Cricket: MMS

    Double check your settings:
    Sending limit (should be 1024000 if you changed these settings correctly in regedit)
    Wap version Wap 2.0 (Wap 2.0 should be pre selected, if it is don’t touch it. If it keeps reverting back to 1.2 when you click close? Go back into regedit and select WAPType 1 as mentioned previously, this forces it into WAP 2.0 without it MMS won’t work.)
    Now if you have more than 1 select the cricket one you just configured and hit set as default then go back to HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1\MMSCSetting\Cricket MMS and delete the other configuration, when you go back into settings Cricket should be the only one there and it should be default.


    Now for some GPS settings through QPST. Connect phone to QPST through QPST configuration. Open QPST Service programming, and click ‘read phone’. If asked for the SPC, again this will be your 6 0’s. The following settings I found on PPC geeks , and saved as a text file, but am unsure who the original author is (if this is you, let me know and I’ll make sure to credit you for your work).
    1. Click 'Read from Phone' button in bottom left corner
    2. Click 'Save to File...' button don't change name and save to your desktop. (just to have a backup)
    3. Scroll over to 'gpsOne' tab (upper right corner)
    4. Click all the check boxes on the left hand side so they are all blank. (all 9)
    5. THEN Click all the boxes so they are checked. (all 9) (yes it's strange)
    6. At 'PDE IP Address' enter:
    7. At 'PDE Port Number' enter: 8080
    8. At 'PDE Transport' select: IP
    9. At 'Position Calculation' select: mobile
    10. Click 'Write to Phone' (lower left corner)
    11. Unplug phone and soft rest
    12. Exit QPST.

    -Location Setting must be ON.
    Phone\menu\options...\Services\Location Setting

    -Check Your GPS setting:
    start/settings/system/external gps
    Program Tab: Com 4
    Hardware Tab: gps hardare port= none, baudrate = 4800 baud
    Access Tab: check 'manage gps automatically'

    Test Using Google Maps:
    Open Google Maps, Click 'Use GPS'
    ----If you get 'Initializing GPS...'
    Then your Gps Com ports are wrong in google maps, you didn’t soft reset, you didn’t let windows manage gps.

    ---If you get 'Seeking GPS satellites (0)...'
    Then your location setting is set to OFF, your com ports are set wrong in windows, you didn’t let windows manage gps, didn’t wait long enough, obstructed view to satellites.

    IF you are still having issues try (do not try unless GPS is not working at this point):
    Try this reg edit:
    1. Open a PPC Registry Editor
    2. Navigate to the folder [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\SUPL AGPS]
    3. Set these values:
    GPSMode = 2
    ServerIP =
    ServerPort =8080
    4. Exit, Save
    5. Soft Reset

    Also included on your phone should be a program called quickGPS. This will download current satellite locations, making it easier and quicker to get a lock. Run quickGPS and download current locations, and then go to the settings, and allow it to auto update when needed.

    Reboot. You should now have Talk, Text, Data, GPS and MMS on cricket on your TouchPro 2.

    This is my first tutorial, so any constructive feedback is welcome, and if there is anything I've left out, or if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! :-)

    Also, Stay tuned, hope to have a tutorial for dual booting Froyo or Gingerbread (android) on the TP2 out in the next week or two.


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    Kristy, excellent tutorial. I've flashed my VZW TP2 to cricket almost 2 years ago (had to cook my own rom to do that). Though I did notice one problem. I'm on $45 (used to run $40 plan before) and I loose internet connection. Going to Connection Manager and turning OFF and back ON data fixes the problem until it's lost again. I've tried with/without proxycap, though it didn't make any difference. I called cricket multiple times to have my account refreshed, with no luck. Did you ever experience that? I've tried recently upgrading to $55 plan, but it wasn't $55 android plan and I couldn't get data to work without going through proxy.

    Looking forward to your android flash. I've tried it on my TP2 but cannot get wap to work using the same settings as in WM6.5.
    Last edited by tpaxadpom; 09-07-2011 at 02:33 AM.

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    I did notice that problem before switching to the android plan. I think the connection would time out after not using the internet for so long, and seemed to have a problem re-establishing the connection. It seemed after no use for about 15 minutes the connection would drop, so I set to retrieve my outlook email every 13 minutes and it solved the problem. Noticed a small difference in battery life, but was worth it for a more reliable connection.




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