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    Note 3 / Galaxy S5

    Full Flash HTC Touch (Sprint) to Cricket

    Copied from edru @ XDA Developers....


    1) Start From Stock ROM
    Hard Reset for good measure

    Stock rom links for cdma touch - PPCGeeks

    2) Unlock the MSL/SPC
    Stop at step 30

    3) CricKet PRL's
    I usually just start with the default Nation Wide PRL - later when you *228 it will update to local

    4) CricKet PST Settings
    I had issues with step 6. It would allow incoming calls, but not outgoing. I ended up skipping step 6.

    CRICKET PST Settings Thread! by Ryan Mogul - xda-developers

    5) Unlocker for Vogue

    Unlockers for Custom Roms on Vogue 2.31(GPS) and 0.40(nonGPS) - PPCGeeks

    6) How to unlock the phone and flash a custom ROM
    I recommend NFSFan's WM 6.5 Generic ROMs - If ROM is NOT GENERIC please DO NOT allow customizations to run.

    7) CricKet Data and MMS Fix cab

    8.) CricKet Tether Fix (Grayed out “Connect” Button)
    Only do this if you are victim of the gray tether button
    Delete: Extension="isext.dll" entry (if there is one)

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\InternetShari ng]
    Delete The Following Key: "LastCellConnection"

    Delete The Following Key: "ForceCellConnection"

    a)You may want to soft reset the phone after the changes
    b)Connect to Internet Explorer and surf to a page to ensure connection
    c)Then attempt to tether. (I had better speed results using BlueTooth Tether)

    9) CricKet GPS Fix (Thanks to Whitey10tc for the link)

    I was tired of hopping between 3-4 forums between 20 different posts trying to find all that is Vogue and cricket. I did not write this, though I did comment if I had issues at certain steps, only compiled all the information. If you see something that is wrong, or something that should be change please PM me as I doubt I will read through every post. I attempted to link to the posts where possible, other I just found randomly through the web. If you find a source that I did not link or credit - PM me with the info and I'll be sure to edit.

    I have done all this myself on my Vogue (Sprint to CricKet), and all has worked 100%.


    Please check the forum and post there before PMing me. I have over 674 unread PMs due to the fact that they are issues which should have been addressed here.

    If you need to buy something from (Ebay), please use this LINK every time and support the forum!

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    Would this work for the HTC Touch Pro?

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    I believe this is the touch pro & 2



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