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HTC Diamond with WAP (MMS?) Tutorial.
Aight I don't do too many tutorials, so feel free to add comments or add to what I have.

Here is how to flash the CDMA HTC Diamond to cricKet with at least WAP.

I flashed one phone with Juicy's rom (much propz to him) (found on ppc geeks) and got closer to MMS. I kept one on stock Sprint
Rom, and there MMS will not work. However, on sprint rom, Youtube works great.... but not so much on the
Juicy rom. So the rom is up to you. If you plan to flash the juicy rom as I did on one, you must first download/run the unlocker
just as you would on the 6800/6900 (different unlocker of course). The unlocker(HARDSPL) can also be found on ppc geeks.

If you choose to stick with the sprint Rom..... make sure you overwrite the HTC_Guard file.

Now you that you have decided the rom, you need to obtain the SPC

On the dialer type ##DIAG# (could be ##DIAG)..... u will need the same diag drivers. If you don't have them,
they can be downloaded here:

(propz to Beezle)

To read the SPC I used CDMA Workshop. You can do the same with other programs such as UniCDMA as well.

For CDMA Workshop connect to the diag com port and put the phone in DM Mode.
Go to the "Security" Tab and click on Read under SPC.
Choose Universal Ram Method and Custom.
Put the address of 018E:0190 and click Read.
This will find your SPC.

Now input the spc and send it to the phone. You may also want to write the SPC to 0's at this point.

Now you gotta couple options:

1) Do your PRL/Nam programming with CDMA workshop
2) Reset the Phone, and do ##778# or ##778 and do your programming here.

I do ##778, just because its what I'm used to more than anything. If you are in an area with EVDO, make sure you fill out the
security tab in EPST in order to authenticate.

For WAP and MMS, I used the vogue cab files found here

propz to crwinger

Make sure once you do this, you go to Start/Settings/Connections and click on the Advanced tab. Set your networks to connect

I have had no luck with the sprint rom MMS..... and haven't messed with the juicy rom MMS a whole lot, but I'm close I think.

Feel free to post your thoughts and results..... I only have really had access to 1 a whole lot and the wifey is using it, lol.