Hello, just here trying to help those who want to go from 1x to 3g on the samsung fascinate. When I first flashed my fascinate i would always get 1x which is hard to live with when you want to download or surf the web. I was even told at a cricket store that i could not get 3g because my phone was flashed (bulls**T!!!)..........
After almost one whole day of messing with my phone I decided to try a hybrid prl, ( a cricket prl and other carrier combined into one) and as the phone booted up i waited to the 1x that i was getting all day long, but to my surprise that beautiful 3g icon was there lmao but yea if you are stuck on 1x just try some hybrid prl's to find the one that works best in your area. Afterwards you can download the speedtest.net app to check the speed of your data.
I went from the sad 32 kbps to a recent 1190 kbps, fastest my connection has ever been, but there was alot of trial and error, but check out the hybrid prls on the forum