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    Sep 2011

    Can I flash my ascend 2 to verizon or boost?

    I was throttled 8 days into my android plan and now my speeds are at.. 60kbps!!i guess 1gb is too little for me..i heard verizon caps at 2.5gb and only drops speeds to 200kbps..thats pretty decent I I think I'm gonna switch but I just spent 150 bucks on this phone and I really like it can anyone answer or give some suggestions in what to do? Thank you..i posted this on the general discussion too.sorry newbie here not really sure were to ask..

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    Aug 2011

    In theory, yes. Both are cdma. But in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice there is. I would search for Verizon tech forums and see there. It is much easier on gsm.

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    There should be more throttling options coming in the future. If you don't want to stick around, maybe you can come back at another time.

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    No theory involved. You cannot flash your Ascend 2 to Verizon. Big Red maintains a database of esns and meids which are allowed on their network. There is no way in the hot place where you go when youre bad that you will be able to get a cricket meid added to Verizon. Boost is Sprint and they are exactly the same. Buy their equipment or hit the road.
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