In the factory firmware Huawei has applied some strange setting equalizer in the end the sound from the speakers is transmitted without the bass and the "middle", with "top" highly zadranny what is causing the high-frequency dynamics of a squeak in a few moments of silence. isparvleniya data for characteristics of the proposed patches: after the installation of which the speaker and headphone output will start the whole range of frequencies. only drawback - the speaker phone in the weak and starts to "choke" on the bass at full volume, because you need to run DSPManager, to include an equalizer for the speaker phone, and then graphically Manually delete the part of low frequency, for example, I turn to: | 8,0 | 4,0 | 2,0 | 0 | 0. In the end, screaming sho bad, and without wheeze. Who wants to go back to the factory settings, install the patch



(flash sound fix in cwm recovery)