Okay, I've had my phone for almost a year.. so I have a good amount of stuff on it. I'm having some problems, and this is my last resort.So basically my question is..first of all, is it possible to save anything on it? I have a google account thats been on the phone the entire time obviously, but I'm going to be using a different one because I won't be using the old one in general anymore..Can I move my contacts over to my new google account somehow? and also, theres an app on this phone called All Backup I believe..and it lets me backup my apps, so I did.. and I'm not sure where they backup to..but when I click on Applications from this app, it gives me the option to Restore..so if I do a factory reset, does this mean I can do that, or is this backing up to the phone and NOT to the SD card? Thanks if you can help me out some, I'm a little nervous about doing this