I did not have the money to purchase the insurance for my new Ascend II that i just bought 7 days ago. Upon buying it, I immediately installed Webroot Virus protection & don't have hardly any apps installed. I took my phone off of the charger just now, and the screen is black with a dark gray line running top to bottom on it. The phone is still on, I still hear my notifications, the volume buttons work, the home button, menu/settings button, back button & search button allow me to tap them and glow & give haptic feed back/vibrate when pressed, but my screen appears to just stay broken. I have NEVER dropped my phone, it has not scratches, dings etc. I have taken the battery out & replaced and still no luck.
I want to know WHO the manufacturer is, if they will let me send it in to have them look at it, like Apple did for my iphone. Cricket has told me in the past, you buy the phone it's yours, we don't do anything. But isn't there any suggestions as to HOW I can get Cricket to take a look at it? Even if I have to pay for them to service it?
I can NOT afford a new phone, & so far, really LOVE this phone.