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    Sep 2011
    las vegas

    insufficient internal memory ascend II?

    Ive read all the threads tried to download titanium and all the good stuff but nothing seems to be working its kinda irritating anyone with any kind of help please let me know?

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    Jul 2011
    Pflugerville, TX
    Huawei Ascend

    I know that both Ascends are scant with the internal RAM. You can take a look at the programs that are running in the background and turn off anything that you are not currently using. I fould that Android had all sorts of things open that I was not using. Usually devices that want to be attached for live updates/status changes. You can shut off background data as well. That can REALLY free up memory as it keeps those programs from opening up without your knowledge. Let me know if I can help you out any more!

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    Aug 2011

    Look to see whats running and taking up most of the ram. Then make sure they don't run in the background. You can have tons of apps on your phone, but not in your memory. Lots of apps start running even though you are not using them. App to sd programs wont really help if it's ram you are worried about. If the problem is too much stuff on your internal sd, putting them on you external will help. My phone has 17mb of space left on the internal, and i have lots of apps.



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