100% CyanogenMod 9. Very smooth, even more than CyanogenMod 7. Adrenaline Engine. Updated via OTA. Stable Overclock 729mHz Kernel Zipalign Using new Ivan. More ..


Bugs in ROM:

The camera does not work. The HD videos are pulled.

Differences with other CM9

Basically it differs in that this ROM uses the kernel Ivan which greatly improves the RAM management on ICS, so it greatly improves fluency when compared with other CyanogenMod 9. Another feature is that this ROM is based on the latest stable CyanogenMod 9 sources.

What is focusing the creator of the ROM?

Well basically solve the issue of the camera, but also in trying to improve the management and performance RAM general.
Latest release:

Version 2:

Updated the languages. New bootanimation. New framework to improve speed.


Version 3:

Fix Audio. Script SD ext partition. Increased performance RAM. More free space in / system.


NOTE ....when flashing the updates you must flash the rom first and let it fully boot then reboot into recovery flash update 2 ...let it fully boot and then reboot into recovery and flash update 3
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Sent from my m865 using Tapatalk 2